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Restore Aluminum Wheels

restore aluminum wheels
  • Aluminium ( ) or aluminum ( ) is a silvery white member of the boron group of chemical elements. It has the symbol Al and its atomic number is 13. It is not soluble in water under normal circumstances.
  • Aluminum was the second album from NYC band Gods Child, littered with damaged guitars, distressed mellotron, and raw vocals. Produced by Tim Palmer (who has worked with such acts as Pearl Jam, Sponge, and Mission UK) the album features a spaced-out aura, solid musicianship and soaring sonics.
  • The chemical element of atomic number 13, a light silvery-gray metal
  • a silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite
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  • steering wheel: a handwheel that is used for steering
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  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and is fixed below a vehicle or other object to enable it to move easily over the ground
  • Used in reference to the cycle of a specified condition or set of events
  • (wheel) a simple machine consisting of a circular frame with spokes (or a solid disc) that can rotate on a shaft or axle (as in vehicles or other machines)
restore aluminum wheels - Gladiator GarageWorks
Gladiator GarageWorks GACUXXCAVK Claw Advanced Bike Storage, v1.0, Aluminum
Gladiator GarageWorks GACUXXCAVK Claw Advanced Bike Storage, v1.0, Aluminum
The Gladiator Claw Advanced Overhead Bicycle Storage Device uses heavy-duty aluminum arms to keep your ride up off the floor where it won't be damaged by vehicles entering or leaving the garage. Soft-Touch grips baby your bike, so your rims won't be scratched, either. With one upward motion, the Push-Lock mechanism grabs on to hold your bike securely. Repeat the same motion, and you're ready to ride. Advanced storage solution allows for quick and easy overhead storage. Quickly-release or hang a bicycle from the ceiling in one motion. Unique design is durable and protective.

Restore order to your garage and protect your valuable bicycle with the Gladiator GarageWorks Claw Advanced Bike Storage System. This innovative storage device--the first of its kind in the world--mounts from your ceiling, freeing up valuable floor space while protecting your bicycle from kids, cars, and other hazards. It features a unique push-lock mechanism that allows you to quickly hang or release your bicycle with one intuitive motion.

The Gladiator GarageWorks ClawTM Advanced Bike Storage System:
Frees up storage space while protecting your bike
Offers a heavy-duty die-cast aluminum base and arms
Uses "soft touch" rubber to protect your rims and spokes
Works with bikes up to 50 pounds

"Soft touch" rubber protects your bike from dings and scratches. View larger.

Simply push upward with your bike tire to lock or unlock the arms. View larger.

The Claw Advanced Bike Storage System helps keep your garage organized. View larger.
Secure Your Bicycle with One Easy Motion
The Claw Advanced Bike Storage System device's intuitive push-lock design takes the struggle out of storing your bike. Simply push upward once to activate its plunger-like mechanism, and two rubber-encased aluminum arms will thread through your rim and cradle the wheel securely. When it's time for your next ride, simply push up again to unlock the mechanism and release your bicycle. In a matter of seconds you're ready to hit the road.
The heavy-duty aluminum arms are encased with "soft touch" thermoplastic rubber edges that give your rim a soft, but secure, surface to rest on. You can mount one Claw Advanced Bike Storage System device on your ceiling and hang a bike perpendicular to the floor from a single tire, or you can use two of them to hang a bike from both tires, depending on your storage needs.
When closed, the Claw Advanced Bike Storage System device measures a compact 6 x 9.75 x 3.75 inches (WxHxD), giving you optimum storage flexibility.
Heavy-Duty, Lightweight Construction
The Gladiator Claw Advanced Bike Storage System's versatile design can be used with a wide variety of bicycles, whether your bike is built for the playground, casual weekend excursions, or serious professional competition. Its heavy-duty die-cast aluminum base and arms are lightweight but strong, letting you store various sized bicycle sizes up to 50 pounds without damaging your spokes or rims.
In addition to its superior construction, the Gladiator Claw Bike Storage Device features a striking graphite finish that matches other Gladiator brand storage products and will bring a unique look to your garage.
Superior Workmanship Guaranteed For a Lifetime
The Gladiator Claw Advanced Bike Storage system features a limited lifetime warranty, which means that Gladiator GarageWorks will pay for repair or replacement due to defective materials or workmanship.

What's in the Box
Gladiator GarageWorks ClawTM Advanced Bike Storage v.1.0, two screws, and installation instructions.

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Blue B Trailering
Blue B Trailering
TESTIMONIAL: Last fall (2007) we were making a permanent move from Maryland to Nevada. One item to be moved was my MGB, which I have owned since new in 1963. It had just been restored, but it was not ready be driven that distance. I had no experience pulling a trailer, but surfed around on line considering the possibility anyway. My extraordinary good fortune was to have come across ALL PRO West, to have called them, and talked with Scott Smith. He gave me a great deal on the perfect trailer (a Car Mate), and set me up with several of their really professional folks for the training and equipment I needed. They were somewhat concerned about the performance of one of the trailer wheel brakes, and in order to be sure we had no problems on our trip - they completely rebuilt the brake! On the 2700 mile trip out west, we experienced surprisingly difficult weather - heavy winds with cross wind gusts as high as 70 mph (causing us to pull in to the first motel we saw), and a blizzard on I-80 in the western Wyoming mountain passes - unusual for mid-October. Nevertheless, we made the trip successfully without incident - and we owe that good result to the counseling, preparation and training provided by ALL PRO West personnel.
My 1957 Ford Thunderbird - Wire Wheel
My 1957 Ford Thunderbird - Wire Wheel
My 1957 Ford Thunderbird Convertible...probably my favorite thing I've ever owned and in my opinion the best looking car ever made. Fully restored. 312 cubic inch engine, automatic transmission and air conditioning. Comes with two tops - a removable white hard top with the famous porthole windows and a white soft top. Starts, drives, and handles like a modern car thanks to gas shocks, power disc brakes, radial tires, heavy duty sway bars in front and rear, electronic ignition, and oversized radiator with additional "parade" fan to prevent overheating. Red and white interior with lots of chrome and spun aluminum trim all over the place. Leather seats, new carpet, new floor mats, new steering wheel, new stereo that looks vintage with CD player mounted in trunk. Maybe the best part is that it's a guaranteed conversation starter wherever I go.

restore aluminum wheels
restore aluminum wheels
Flitz Wheel Restoration Kit
The safe, easy way to remove brake dust, dirt, oxidation, tarnish red clay, water & soap stains, mag chloride/salt corrosion. Use on: Uncoated aluminum or chrome for a brilliant mirror-like finish. Also safe for painted and clear-coated mag wheels. Safe on paint and plastic. The Flitz Buff Ball won't tear like foam. Fits any 3/8-inch drill or air tool. Buffs evenly-no low spots. Buffs at speeds up to 2,500 rpm. Self-cooling. Won't scorch or burn clearcoat. Plus, the Ball is washable* and reusable.