12 inch trailer wheels - Boyd coddington custom wheels - Bench grinding wheel

12 Inch Trailer Wheels

12 inch trailer wheels
    trailer wheels
  • (Trailer wheel) A drive wheel is a roadwheel in an automotive vehicle that receives torque from the powertrain, and provides the final driving force for a vehicle. A two-wheel drive vehicle has two driven wheels, and a four-wheel drive has four, and so-on.
    12 inch
  • The 12-inch single (often simply called 12") is a type of gramophone record that has wider groove spacing compared to other types of records. This allows for louder levels to be cut on the disc by the cutting engineer, which in turn gives a wider dynamic range, and thus better sound quality.
  • (12 inches) A foot (plural: feet or foot; abbreviation or symbol: ft or ′ – the prime symbol) is a non-SI unit of length in a number of different systems including English units, Imperial units, and United States customary units.
12 inch trailer wheels - InStep Sierra
InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer
InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer
Take your tykes in tow with the InSTEP® Sierra™ bike trailer. The lightweight steel trailer is designed with a coupler that attaches to the rear hub of nearly any bicycle, and the cabin holds two children (up to 100 lbs total weight) securely within a five-point harness, beneath a rain shield. For additional versatility, the trailer easily converts to a stroller with a padded push bar and swivel wheel.

Take your kids for a bike ride in the Instep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer with 16-inch pneumatic tires with molded rims for superior performance and durability. The 2-in-1 canopy includes a bug screen and weather shield and the versatile bicycle coupler attaches to most bicycles. The parking brake offers extra safety while in stroller mode and a deluxe harness and seat has padding for added child comfort. Other features include a stroller kit with swiveling front wheel and handle bar and a folding frame design with quick-release wheels for compact transport and storage.

A dual trigger folding mechanism makes folding the jogger for transport easy and safe.
16-inch pneumatic tires with molded rims provide performance and style
Folding frame design with quick release wheels makes compact
2-in-1 canopy includes a bug screen and weather shield
Versatile bicycle coupler attaches to most bicycles
Includes stroller kit with swiveling front wheel & handle bar
Parking brake offers extra safety while in stroller mode
Deluxe harness & seat with padding for added child comfort
Assembled Weight: 33.08 pounds
Weight Limit: 100 pounds
Instep's Stance on Safety Instep is a proud member of the JPMA organization and choose to have our strollers tested by an independent testing laboratory to the specific ASTM standard to ensure each and every stroller is safe. Instep recommends that a child be at least 6 months of age before putting him/her in any stroller. Bike trailers are not for use with children under the age of 12 months or one year. Children must be able to support the weight of their heads so they can support the weight of a helmet, which is always recommended for use while a child is riding in a trailer.

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Mobile rock crushing plant
Mobile rock crushing plant
A rock crushing plant including rock crushers, screens and conveyors. The assembly is modularized whereby major components and associated support structures are organized into movable modules that are independently movable from site to site over public roadways. The modules are equipped with appropriate support wheels for traveling and stabilizing jacks for stabilization of the modules at a rock crushing site. Modifications are made to certain of the components to satisfy road height and width restrictions, e.g., folding conveyors. Each module is preferably equipped with its own power plant. Representative Image: Mobile rock crushing plant Inventors: Brock, James Donald (Chattanooga, TN, US) Heeszel, Gary P. (Eugene, OR, US) West, Jeremiah (Eugene, OR, US) Olsen, Lawrence Calvin (Springfield, OR, US) Carnes, Robert W. (Eugene, OR, US) Application Number: 165677 Filing Date: 06/06/2002 Publication Date: 12/11/2003 View Patent Images: Images are available in PDF form when logged in. To view PDFs, Login or Create Account (Free!) Referenced by: View patents that cite this patent Export Citation: Click for automatic bibliography generation Primary Class: 241/101.761 International Classes: B02C 009/04, B02C 019/00, B02B 005/02, B03B 007/00 Attorney, Agent or Firm: SCHWABE, WILLIAMSON & WYATT, P.C. ATTORNEYS AT LAW Suite 1920 1211 S.W. Fifth Portland OR 97204-3713 US Claims: The invention claimed is: 1. A mobile rock or concrete crushing plant comprising: multiple units including at least a rock or concrete crushing unit and a screen unit; said multiple units each mounted on a movable base and each having an independent power source; said multiple units having a determined arrangement at a selected site for cooperatively processing rock or concrete material, including at least one unit for crushing said material and at least one unit for screening said material; said multiple units positioned at said site to accommodate said arrangement and each of said units including releasable stabilizing mechanisms for selectively stabilizing said units at said positions and for rendering said units immobile, said stabilizing mechanism being releasable to provide mobility to said units; said multiple units each designed for being transported over public roadways for transporting said units making up the rock or concrete crushing plant to a second site. 2. A mobile rock or concrete crushing plant as defined in claim 1 including conveyors that move said rock or concrete material to and from said screen unit and said rock or concrete crushing unit for further processing or distribution. 3. A mobile rock or concrete crushing plant as defined in claim 1 wherein said screen unit comprises a plurality of vertically stacked screen decks for selectively separating said rock or concrete material into screened material of various sizes and unscreened material; a plurality of conveyors; said conveyors including at least one outfeed conveyor that moves said unscreened material to a rock or concrete crushing unit, at least one interim conveyor that moves said screened material to a cross conveyor, said cross conveyor moving said screened material laterally away from said mobile screen unit for further distribution. 4. A mobile rock or concrete crushing plant as defined in claim 3 wherein said cross conveyors include a fixed portion contained within the width of the screen unit and an extended portion, said extended portion hingedly connected to said fixed portion to enable folding thereof from a laterally extended position to a vertical position such that said screen unit fits within the road height and width restrictions. 5. A mobile rock or concrete crushing plant as defined in claim 3 wherein said out feed conveyor includes a bottom portion and an upper portion hingedly connected to said bottom portion to enable folding of the upper portion back onto itself such that said mobile screen unit fits within the road height restrictions such that said mobile screen unit fits within the road height restrictions. 6. A mobile rock or concrete crushing plant as defined in claim 1, wherein said mobile crushing unit comprises: a rock or concrete crusher for reducing said rock or concrete material size; a surge bin for receiving said rock or concrete material to be crushed and feeding said material to said rock or concrete crusher; a plurality of conveyors, said conveyors including at least one crusher feed conveyor that transports said material from said surge bin to said rock or concrete crusher and at least one cross conveyor that receives crushed material from the bottom of said rock or concrete crusher and transports said crushed material for further processing. 7. The mobile rock or concrete crushing unit of claim 6, wherein said surge bin has foldable upper wall portions to allow said mobile crushing unit to fit within said road height restrictions. 8. The mobile crushing unit of claim 6, where said cross conveyor includes a fixe
A Star Meadows adventure
A Star Meadows adventure
So today was an adventure. This was not a typical one though, but one without horrible trauma, no life was taken or lost, and best of all, it was in Montana. To start the day, Of course Jean left for work at close to zero dark thirty or so, and as far as I am aware had a normal work day. Would you believe I did too? It was normal in that I was off in the woods helping a freind, and that was just the start. I got a mid morning visit from a freind who needed to deliver some firewood a drainage over in Good creek, so technically this is not entirely a Star meadows adventure, but it sure felt like one. We started out with the intent for a fire wood delivery with a Tractor and Trailer, which as it turns out was something we actually managed to avoid. But I am getting ahead of myself as usual. We first needed to get a cord of wood split. As I have been out collecting a little wood here and there, we had some for the trip, but it needed to be split. Contrary to my usual M.O., we used a wood splitter, so it only took about 45 minutes or so to split it. That included stacking it too. While some men might think thier tractor or Truck is Sexy, I have to admit after today, I think that way of wood splitters, well, the one we used anyway.While the owner of such said critter was operating, I was moving rounds, and staging them for the split, so he did the majority of the work. I only moved the wood and stacked it. We did use the truck I usually drive, so this was a good thing, as I know how it handles with a Cord on it, and of course how full it needs to be for a Cord. After getting it Stacked, we finally got on the road. it was some time after about 2 when we finally got a move on, and headed up over Dunsire pass to the next drainage. I even remembered to grab an E smoke and a few cartidges (thank you again to Jean for having them ready to go) and we smoked and Joked on the way up and over the Pass. we took it slow and careful with a 700 plus foot elevation gain, and then of course down the hill to the other side where we were to deliver wood. When we got to one of the major intersections, we found a barricade. We wondered if there was something wrong, so of course kept going slowly down the road. When we got to the road, a mile from where we needed to deliver the wood, we found the road had been washed out! thus the first picture. This was what we saw from the side we had just come down on. It was about 12 miles to this point and I first thought we would have to drive back about 45 miles (it is close to 30 from my house to the place we needed to deliver) before I thought about it and recalled some of the times Jean and I had been over these roads. I knew there was another way across the creek (which I think was Robertson creek), so we turned around and headed back up to the turn that I knew would lead us over. As we made the first or second turn, I saw this boulder with a streak of Quartz running through it let off the gas and hit the brakes. I exclaimed that is Quartz, and we went back for a closer look. as it turns out there is not much ore in it, but there were other rocks with some signs of Ore in them. I was happy and marked the spot. we got back in the truck and moved right along. it was another mile or 2 and we found the first snow drift across the road. I had some trepedation at seeing it, but figured it couldn't be that bad. . . Well, I was a little off, as along the way, we had to stop no less than 4 times to cut downed trees from the winter stomrs which had knocked them over, but we muddled our way through in 4 wheel drive and through up to abouut 18 inches of snow in drifts. We did not get stuck, but we were both a bit nervous. Finally we got to the main road and both cheered seeing we were not the first to try this road this year. from then to the drop off point, with only 2 more stops to look at the map we had (thank you Gazzeter for the maps!) we made it to another main road that was even better traveled, and made the drop off point, only to find the fella we were to drop off the wood to was not home. as he was not there, we didn't want to drop off the wood, but did go in and stack his wood pile for him. If he asks, I figure we will just have to tell him the wood elves stopped by and were feeling like a couple of nice guys or something. so after a little rest, we headed to town and found another drop point. on the way there, I heard the engine starting to knock. I know that sound, and it was nothing serious, simply a bit of oil had burned up in the engine during my travels. now I was slightly alarmed, so we stopped and checked the oil. sure enough it was reading low, so I added oil, and the engine was fine after that. we proceeded on to the drop point. When we got there, again the folks were not home, but we unloaded the wood, as I was not going to haul it into town. after unloading it, I took off for town to get fuel, and the mail. As I usually do that once

12 inch trailer wheels
12 inch trailer wheels
BAL R.V. Products Group 28050 Light Trailer Tire Leveler
Light Trailer Tire Leveler levels your trailer from side to side in minutes. Designed for single axle trailers only, the light trailer tire leveler be used with the single tire locking chock for added stability while leveling your light weight trailer. Eliminates the need for moving trailer onto blocks or ramps. Fits 13 inch, 14 inch and most 15 inch wheels, and includes a ratchet wrench that can be used to turn the drive screw, elevating or lowering the tire lifting pads to the level position.