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Hadith: On Mourning for Imam Husayn (AS)

posted Dec 31, 2008, 7:32 AM by موقع 12 إمام الولائي -

Declared Abul-Hasan Imam ‘Ali ibn Mousa ar-Ridha (AS):

“Oh Son of Shabib! If you wish to mourn and lament over anyone, do so upon
Husayn ibn ‘Ali ibn Abi Taleb (AS) for he was beheaded like a lamb. Eighteen
persons from among his family, who were unparalleled in the earth, were also
killed along with him. The heavens and the earth lamented the death of
Husayn. Four thousand angels descended from the heavens to aid him, but when
they reached they saw that he had already been martyred. Thus, now they all
remain near his blessed grave with dishevelled hair covered with dust until
the rising of the Qaem (Imam al-Mahdi). Then they will aid him and their
slogan will be: ‘Vengeance for the blood of Husayn.’”

Nafas al-Mahmoum, English,
Page 45
Note: The above is a part of a long tradition narrated by Imam ar-Ridha (AS)
to Rayyan ibn Shabib when he went to meet Imam Ridha (AS) on the first day
of Muharram.