20-22 November 2014 Gobabeb, Namibia

The 12th Conference of the Herpetological Association of Africa will take place at the Gobabeb Research & Training Centre, Namibia, from Thursday 20th to Saturday 22nd November 2014 (with arrival Wednesday 19th & departure Sunday 23rd November 2014). The venue is one of the most stunning settings in southern Africa in the Namib Desert. The site is around 300 km West of Windhoek, the Namibian capitol, close to Swakopmund (130 km) and Walvis Bay (100 km). Accommodation is available at the research centre, but there are limited places for beds with remaining delegates housed in Gobabeb tents or in their own tents. Due to the small size of the venue, the total number of delegates attending will be restricted to 120 people. 

Conference Fees: 
Inside accommodation = R4800, students = R4300
Gobabeb tents = R4400, students = R3900
Own tents = R3800, students = R3300
Non-members will need to add the price of membership to their registration fees 

The conference talks will begin on the morning of the 20th and run through the 22nd. Delegates for the conference are expected to arrive by the afternoon/evening of Wednesday 19th November for registration and icebreaker and depart on Sunday 23rd.

Transport to and from conference venue: the shuttle ride from Walvis Bay is around 1.5 hours and due to the small number of flights it will be possible for us to organise a shuttle for attendees. Please make sure that when you book your ticket to Namibia, you stipulate Walvis Bay (not Windhoek) as your final destination (this typically adds only USD 30 to the price).

We do not advise you to fly to Windhoek as the shuttle is around 4 hours and you'll need to organise this yourself. 

Registration dates
Opens - 10 April
Closes - 13 June
Payment - 31 August
Abstracts - 31 August
        Ticket details for overseas attendees to pay at venue - 15 September
        Ticket details for shuttle transfer - 15 September

Registration has closed  Registration Closed on 13th June 2014 
Contact the conference organisers if you want to be considered for late registration (e.g. Ed Stanley).

Oral presentation, a poster, or a descriptive presentation. 

Full oral presentations are only for presenting the results of research (with hypotheses and data) for 15 minutes with 3 minutes for questions. 

Posters will be displayed in a dedicated poster session. 

Descriptive presentations are for any presentations where the presenter has no data. These could be a student proposals (Honours, MSc, PhD or other), opinions, comments or unfinished studies. These talks will be 8 minutes with 1 minute for questions or comments. 


Social functions
Cheese & Wine 19 November
        Outing 20 November
        Auction stroke Quiz (with B. Bwanch in the chair) 21 November
Buffet 22 November 
A note about alcohol. There will be moderate amounts of alcohol (wine and beer) during meals. However, the venue has no bar or liquor licence. Pack a full hip flask if you have need of your favourite tipple during the conference.


Registration: Buyi Makhubo

Scientific Program:Graham Alexander, with Aaron Bauer, Andrew Turner and  John Measey

Payment confirmation: Johan Marais 

All other queries: Aaron Bauer 


All payments by 31 August

In order to make any payments for this conference, please use the banking details as follows:

Account Name: Herpetological Association of Africa
Bank Name: ABSA Bank
Account Number: 17936077
Branch Code: 632005
Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ
Account Type: Savings Account


Please be aware that for non-Namibians visas are only required if working or conducting research in Namibia. For attending the conference alone, you should indicate to the immigration officials that you are attending a conference (or combining the conference with tourism). If you are planning to conduct any museum work or field work while in Namibia you will need a research permit and the requisite visa. 


There are 54 spots inside buildings (none singles) and the rest would be accommodated in Gobabeb-provided tents or in self-provided tents. The inside accommodation includes:
1. 8 clay houses, each with 4 beds, bathroom and kitchen.
2. 4 OTR rooms, each with two beds, bathroom and kitchen.
3. 2 villas, 7 beds each.

More information on Gobabeb tents:
These are basic/canvas dome tents with a mattress on the floor and bedding. There is one person and eight scorpions per tent. Currently, we have enough spots inside buildings to accommodate you if you want to swap...

Internet use at the conference venue
It is important to note that the conference venue does not have internet use for those attending. If you know that you will need to use the internet during the conference, then you need to make your own arrangements. Cell phone use works fine, so you should be able to connect via your cell or stick. For more information contact the organising committee.


Herpetophilia Auction
There will be an herpetophilia auction with proceeds benefiting the society (21 November). If you have items to donate to the auction, special requests or need any further information, contact Bill Bwanch. No pickled body parts please. The auction is open to all.

Photo competition
There will be a really fun photo competition! The theme is "desert herpetology". Images should be printed to A4 (no bigger) and will be adhered to display boards with double sided tape (removal at your own risk). You can enter more than once, but please don't overdo it. 

The winning image will chosen by a panel, and will be printed on the cover of African Herp News. To enter, simply bring your printed photo and a small information card (ca. 1cm x 3cm) with your name and a few words about the photo which you can stick up with the photo.

If you wish for your photo to ALSO stand for auction, contact Bill Branch

Student awards
Each category of presentation will be judged by a panel of experts for student awards presented at the AGM. Remember to indicate that you are a registered student when submitting your abstract.  There will be nice prizes!

An award of $500 to the best student publication printed or accepted to African Journal of Herpetology between 2012-2013 will be presented at the conference banquet.  

To qualify for the next Don Broadley Prize, submit your best work to African Journal of Herpetology.

Gobabeb Research and Training Centre Orientation Video 2013

12th Conference of the Herpetological Association of Africa is being held at the Gobabeb Research & Training Centre, Namibia

Gobabeb Training and Research Centre


Please visit the 
HAA website.