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EXO Couples

Sehun and Luhan

  • Sehun can say Luhan’s Chinese name better than he can say his own
  • Before their debut, Luhan and Sehun were often mistaken as real brothers by other trainees.
  • The owner of the bubble tea shop that Sehun and Luhan go to said that they come to order bubble tea often and always take the spot at the back of the shop.
  • The first time EXO performed as 12, Sehun and Luhan stayed in one hotel room.
  • Kai always makes fun of Sehun’s quick reaction whenever he hears fans’ say “Luhan”.
  • Sehun and Luhan both like to stay together, and they like to tease each other.
  • At the fansignings, whenever fans mentioned Luhan to Sehun, he would have trouble trying to hide how happy he is.
  • Sehun doesn’t like that Kai’s “Luhan” doesn’t sound right (not sure about this one).
  • Luhan bought one of Sehun’s baseball caps for him in China.
  • Luhan and Sehun like to put their arms around each others’ shoulders.
  • Luhan and Sehun don’t really fight, completely opposite of Chanyeol and Baekhyun.
  • Sehun and Luhan has a 4-year age difference
  • Were both born in April with a different date and year (Sehun: 12 April 1994, Luhan: 20 April 1990)
  • Although Luhan 4 years older than Sehun, but Sehun height higher than Luhan. And height is below 180cm Luhan
  • They're both narcissistic
  • Luhan clever plotting rubik's just within 2 minutes (this was proven when the Wlive Korea) and can only see hyungnya Sehun that make up the Rubik * LOL
  • HunHan both had an aura of cute and cool
  • When Wlive are often seen it Sehun and Luhan, while Kai? Do not know where he went deh-____-
  • Sehun and Luhan often seen joking as an introductory session in Wlive      
  • Sehun look more mature than Luhan, Luhan more often looks cute
  • Are equally good at dance
  • Both had a lot of fans
  • Sehun has the cool looks and narcissistic, he is also including Korean Ulzzang know. If Sehun in Korea, as well as in China Luhan (Ulzzang it a trendy teen icon and a role model in each of the state)
  • Apart from dance champion, HunHan couple of expression is also smart in front of the camera, look trendy and narcissistic!
  • HunHan hobby listen to music
  • HunHan both baby face
  • Sehun's wish is to learn Chinese so he can communicate with Luhan.   

Baekhyun and Chanyeol

  • When tidying his clothes and belongings,Baekhyun would help Chanyeol tidy too.
  • SMTown backstage,Baekhyun pointed at Chanyeol’s feet and commented that it looks like a car.(Chanyeol has big feet,4-6 China size)
  • When BaekYeol are arguing,the people who are affected are always KaiSoo who step in and try to stop them.
  • Chanyeol has a habit of catching Baekhyun,while Baekhyun has a habit of elbowing Chanyeol.
  • Chanyeol often likes to use his hand and put it above his head before putting it above Baekhyun’s head boasting that he is taller.
  • BaekYeol’s dorm is the messiest.
  • We(Korean fans) met BaekYeol outside the company,they waved hello to us(korean fans) with both hands,looking very kind.
  • When the group eats together,BaekYeol will sit together.
  • When they argue,the person to apologize would always be Chanyeol.
  • Sehun would imitate Chanyeol voice when he call Baekhyun.”Baekhyun,Baekhyun~”
  • During fansign,a fan asked Suho who’s room would lights out the latest and Suho answered BaekYeol’s.As they would play video games at night.
  • Chanyeol would steal Baekhyun’s tidbits.

Tao and Kris
  • When Tao does the “bbuing-bbuing” to Kris, Kris never says no to Tao’s request.
  • Kris took care of Tao a lot during their pre-debut days.
  • When they’re walking ,Tao tends to walk beside/near Kris.
  • After hearing the story of Tao calling Xiumin ”Oppa”,Kris wants Tao to call him ”Oppa” once.
  • Kris was mad at Baekhyun and Luhan because they told Tao an Ghost/scary story which made him cry. 
  • Tao admires Kris.
  • Kris has mentioned that he finds the pairing “TaoRis” creepy; whether this is the reason for Tao’s current depression is unknown.
  • Kris was spacing out,dancing casually to the music of the station when suddenly he turned to Tao and started poking Tao’s chest. Kris said something to him.
  • DKFC Tao pat Kris’ shoulder before walking out with roses for fans while Kris kept playing djembe.

Sehun and Kai

  • According to Kai, Sehun is the most handsome in the group.
  • Kai says Sehun is scary when he pretends to talk to himself and speaks to him informally.

Sehun and Tao

Baekhyun and Suho

D.O. and Suho