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No Cook Play Doh

no cook play doh
    play doh
  • While some feel that The Blob (both the original with Steve McQueen and the remake) exhausted the market for movies based on modeling compound, Hasbro executives remain convinced that Play-Doh could break out big, given its Transformers-like ability to be transformed into everything from snakes
  • Play-Doh is a modeling compound used by children for art and craft projects at home and in school. Composed of flour, water, salt, boric acid, and silicone oil, the product was first manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA as a wallpaper cleaner in the 1930s.
  • (of food) Be heated so that the condition required for eating is reached
  • English navigator who claimed the east coast of Australia for Britain and discovered several Pacific islands (1728-1779)
  • Heat food and cause it to thicken and reduce in volume
  • prepare a hot meal; "My husband doesn't cook"
  • Prepare (food, a dish, or a meal) by combining and heating the ingredients in various ways
  • someone who cooks food

grinning Ben
grinning Ben
Day 3: Monday 21st Feb 2011 Set off from the apartment at 10.30am. Down Jean – Marie (blue), a nice run to start the day. Good conditions. Up Melezes, Up Bergerie, down Trieuse – arrived Belle Plagne at 11.30am – the queues were shocking. So up the Collesses chair and down to the restaurant Le Chalet de Trieuse. Jus Fras had tartiflette and salad (12.5 Euro), Ben had steak (13.5 Euro), I had the jambon, fromage omelette and frites (8.5 Euro), Diet coke 33ml 3.50, 1l water (4.5E) etc. An early lunch meant that after completeing Trieuse we went up Roche de Mio to the mid station. On the first trip down LeVasset I dropped my camera on the slope as my pocket was not zipped up, fortunately Julia happened to take a similar track down the mountain as me but about 1min after me. She found the camera, picked it up and returned it to me. PHEWWWW! Very much a close shave. Up Carella (no queues) and down Le Vasset again but this time all the way down (Champagny side of the mountain) to the restaurant Les Borseliers for Vin Chaud. Ben's boot are too narrow and he keep losing the feeling in his toes – he's not happy. So we drink with Ben just i his stocking feet. Up Borseliers – down the red to the left of the lift (as you look up) – across to the road to Verdons Sud avoiding ski school gnomes who were in plentiful supply. Up Verdons Sud – grea tlight, good views. On arriving at the top it was off with my ski's and off to the edge of the hill to take a few more shots – as there's no viewfinder I'm guessing my compositions as I can't see the screen! I left the boys scrapping in a big/little brother fun way. Les Verdons was a great slope (blue). We needed to go left to get back to Becoin – at one point Ben decided to go right instead. He did manage to get back to us fortunately. Up Becoin where at the top I tried my panorama assist mode on my camera, then we went to the bar for a warm beer – in trying to cool mine I managed to spill most of it on a Belgian's newspaper – not kind especially after he let us share his table! The snow I picked up cooled the beer. Again the light was great and the shadows from the wooden fence across the snow were very atmostpheric. Down Mont St Saveur and back to the flat. Ben's foot looks very saw. We got changed and walked down the road into town. We went to ski shops to see if we could find boots to fit Ben. The 2nd shop could make boots wider using heat. I bought some cloudy weather goggles. The boys bought sausage with pepper, with chilli etc. Julia shopped at Spas and bought bread and some chicken. Walked back and I cooked red thai chicken with an extra ingredient – a whole scotch bonnet chilli including half the seeds. The curry was really tasty – Ben and I loved it – Jus and Fras added natural yoghurt as it was too hot for them. Julia and Fras had set up the wii so we tried out wii party – Fras selected the Globe Trotter Game - we had a laugh during the first 10 rounds.The laughter at times was hysterical. Woke at 1.30am. Listened to The Kinks School Boy in Disgrace, then woke up some more so here I am at 2.29 listening to a Mozart Requiem and typing. NB Montalbert runs are shut as there is not enough snow lower down. Day 4: Feb 22nd Ben described the pain from his hire boots as like someone drilling into the back of his head. Hardly ideal. So we continued the boot hunt. We drove to Plagne Centre and were lucky to get a parking spot just behind the centre commercial. We drove so we had Ben's skis with us so that if we bought boots the skis could be fitted. Ben is a cautious shopper and would normally research for weeks before buying new gear. Not today! We found a ski set. Ben tried on some top of the range Salomon Impact 10s – a mere 359E! A good fit. Plus the sales man was knowledgeable recommending thin ski socks as a way of making the foot width less! Never thought of that – DOH! Popped back into the 2 shops we had visited yesterday and decided the Salomon's were the dogs bollox. So we went back and they were popped in the oven to be custom fitted to Ben's feet. I sorted out Fras with skis and boots as he wanted to ski. Fras skis well. Managed to park at the apartment at our original spot. Home for a lunch of pre-made sandwiches – ham, pate – very tasty. Plus it saved the cost of lunch on the mountain. Runs: Down Jean – Marie up melezes, up bergerie, down bridge, up colorado, down capella, up funiplagne grande rochette Very cloudy at this height), down carina half way, down pollux, a stop to moo for the milka cow to give us a tiny piece of very tasty chocolate, up verdons nord, down les verdons (horribly busy – most off putting), down to becoinn, becoin down pavanne to a restaurant at Aime 2000. Heineken, Chocolade Chaude with chantilly, Vin Chaude. Visited the Spa and got broccoli, chicken no change from a 10E. It was a light snowy day. My new goggles were really good for the conditions. They didn't steam up and fitted well over my new karrimor hat – the h
i was tagged!!!
i was tagged!!!
well, i was tagged by my dear friend Azyalg...and now i have to write something about myself. doh! :) 1. i love photography (but this is too banal...) 2. my dream is to travel always, in every moment of my life 3. theatre and cinema are my two best passions... 4. i love pizza and every kind of food 5. i can play guitar (acoustic) 6. uhm...i don't like to tell too much about myself 7. i'm in love <3 8. i hate people who can't ovvereach the appearance 9. i love art 10. i want a beagle 11. how many things i still have to write!?uhm... 12. i'm a mix of homer and lisa simpson 13. i like to run and sit on the grass, but in my dream...coz i'm too lazy 14. i love cooking U.U 15. i'm a dreamer 16. i've finished!!! :D how many I did i use in this tag?!?!? poooo... and now I tag: ziasmomma, Yobs, Carolyn Hietala, click and carlo pisani :) a hug my friend!! :D ps ziasmomma was already tagged...doh. Kaan Ugurlu, i tag u!! also click was just tagged...and u gui.c?? pps oh no...ok, i tag Philipe Schade (pls don't say me "i was already tagged" pleaasee!! :,( )

no cook play doh
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