Send Ringtones To Your Phones

send ringtones to your phones
  • (Ringtone (film)) Ringtone is a 2010 Malayalam film by Ajmal starring Suresh Gopi, Bala and debutant Megha Nair.
  • A sound made by a mobile phone when an incoming call is received
  • A ringtone or ring tone is the sound made by a telephone to indicate an incoming call or text message. Not literally a tone, the term is most often used today to refer to customizable sounds used on mobile phones.
  • (Ringtone (song)) Internet Leaks is the third EP from "Weird Al" Yankovic. It was released digitally on August 25, 2009, although all of the songs were initially released as separate digital singles between October 2008 and August 2009.
  • (phone) (phonetics) an individual sound unit of speech without concern as to whether or not it is a phoneme of some language
  • (phone) call: get or try to get into communication (with someone) by telephone; "I tried to call you all night"; "Take two aspirin and call me in the morning"
  • (phone) telephone: electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds; "I talked to him on the telephone"
  • A speech sound; the smallest discrete segment of sound in a stream of speech
  • Send a message or letter
  • Cause to go or be taken to a particular destination; arrange for the delivery of, esp. by mail
  • Order or instruct to go to a particular destination or in a particular direction
  • to cause or order to be taken, directed, or transmitted to another place; "He had sent the dispatches downtown to the proper people and had slept"
  • mail: cause to be directed or transmitted to another place; "send me your latest results"; "I'll mail you the paper when it's written"
  • cause to go somewhere; "The explosion sent the car flying in the air"; "She sent her children to camp"; "He directed all his energies into his dissertation"
send ringtones to your phones - Samsung SCH-U650
Samsung SCH-U650 SWAY Charging USB Data Cable for Phone! Access your Ringtones, Phonebook, MP3, Pictures, Images, Videos, and more with your PC and this professional custom cable! SCHU650
Samsung SCH-U650 SWAY Charging USB Data Cable for Phone! Access your Ringtones, Phonebook, MP3, Pictures, Images, Videos, and more with your PC and this professional custom cable! SCHU650
This professional USB Data Cable will allow the perfect access to your phone's information through the fastest connection availble. Connect up to 480 MB Per Second unlike Bluetooth and infrared that connect at about 0.5 MB per second!
The below features are shown as an example to what this cable may allow access to with your software (sold seperately). Some sofware can access more than this, and some access less, or none, of the features shown below below.
USB Data Cable :
Connect at USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (480mb) to your phone and software (sold separately).
Manage contacts & more :
Retrieve/Edit/Save your personal information with your specific software to/from your phone such as Phonebook, Organizer, Calendar, etc.
Manage Messages :
Manage SMS, Short Messages, and Multimedia messages.
Synchronize :
Allows you to sync or backup your phones information automatically depending on your phone & PC software.
Transfer Files :
Allows you to browse files on your phoneyand save or send them from a PC.
Manage internet connections :
Use your phone as a high speed modem for internet connections if your phone supports this.
Compose Multimedia Messages :
Create your own multimedia (picture/video) messages and send through your phone.

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What's in My Bag? [ver. iv]
What's in My Bag? [ver. iv]
hah, brand whore I am~ ^O^;;;;;; realized the other day that the last time I took a picture of my bag content was already like 2.5 years ago! (cuz the content pretty much remained the same as I didn't buy new wallet, phone, and stuff) and wow, I've used Flickr for 3 years now... O___O time flies~~~ and yeah yeah, I got a bunch of stuff in December... lots of present for myself! ? More on Sony Ericsson W580i [Metro Pink] YA~Y!!! I have a PINK phone again after all these years~~~ *dancies* I absolutely LOOOVE Sony Ericsson's Walkman phone series~~~ they have this MegaBass function, and OMG, it's like hearing all the music for the first time all over again cuz some can sound completely different once the bass lines are amplified to such an extent!!! I'm sooo crazy about this cuz I love my music hard and loud~~~ this particular model also comes with this fitness function that's basically a step counter... which is really great too! for years I've been wanting to get a step counter to see how much I walk everyday~ and now it's combined with the phone so it's just brilliant! cuz you carry your phone practically everywhere you go anywayz so it's really convenient ^O^ other than these two special things, it's just like a normal phone~ first time I'm using a slider phone tho. I had another walkman phone (W880i) just prior to getting this... which I only used for less than 6 months! O______O I'd never changed phones that fast! and the only reason I made the switch was cuz this one is PINK!!! ^O^;;;;;; seriously, having a pink phone vs. one that's totally black makes your mood all the cheerier by just looking at it! one's shiny pink and the other is all dark black! how boring is that! so I changed it, haha! (I have all my weird reasons, really) but anyhow, this phone actually uses up battery a lot faster... that's probably the only downside. but other than that, I'm pretty happy with everything about it!!! ^O^ ? More on Fujifilm FinePix Z100fd [Hot Pink] after I got the pink phone, I got a pink camera too~ hahaha!!! so now all my things are pink (again... or as shown in the picture, either pink or gold~~~ dunno, these days I like shiny gold stuff. haha!) but no, seriously, the real reason (other than its colour) that I decided to try out Fuji's cameras was cuz of a friend who's a big fan of their cameras and takes consistently wonderful photos at low lighting while using their compact digicams~ and this particular one comes with 5x zoom~ I was gonna keep using the Sony camera for like another year or something then go back to Nikon... my friends were all saying how my photos were no longer as nice as the ones I took before using Nikon!!! (well, I noticed it myself too...) aaaaaah!!! >_____<;;;;;; so there, I learned the lesson that having a BIG screen doesn't mean better pictures! cuz the Nikon one I had before came with this super tiny screen~~~ and yet most of the photos I took came out rather well! guess at the end of the day, it comes down to the camera's quality and of course, the user's skills... ^O^;;; which I had even less (or if any to begin with) at the time I used Nikon! so I dunno why with Sony, my skills should've improved already but somehow got dumbed down? it's really pathetic... and kinda sad to hear how the photos you take are not as nice as before... anyhow, Fuji was promoting this camera at year-end so it came with 4GB memory card! so haha~ I got it! it's sooo shiny and pretty! will be testing out the quality in the coming months to see if Fuji is as good as people said! even tho this one actually doesn't feature Fuji's Super CCD image sensor ^O^;;;;;; it's only a standard one, but I'm hoping it'll still be pretty good in giving Fuji's renowned low-light performance... haha~
TV Nokia N95+ Dual SIM Card Phone with TV and FM Radio
TV Nokia N95+ Dual SIM Card Phone with TV and FM Radio
TV N95+ built-in TV function can receive different TV channels. And with the 3.0 inch QVGA high-definition screen, let you enjoy perfect 320 * 240 films. How comfortable! It has 1.3MP high-definition camera, supports 3GP video record, and its shooting effection is very good, so that you can share wonderful moment with your families by taking photos. The main function of bluetooth is useful for your business, you can use it to call, listen music, transfer data, etc.. Besides, TV N95+ built-in FM radio, let you enjoy wonderful program freely. And this TV N95+ also supports multi-language of English, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Deutsch, Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, it means that it will word well almost all around the world. What are you waiting for? just go! Features: Operating Frequency: GSM Network Frequency: 900/1800MHz Language: English, French, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguest, German, Bahasa Meluyu, Bahasa Inonesia, Thai Turkish, Russian. LCD Size: 3.0 inch, 240?320 pixels, TFT, 260K colors Talk Time: 100-200 minutes Standby Time: 120-200 hours Specification: Camera: 1.3MP camera ,Support 3GP video record with sound Rom: Packed with 256M TF card, support to extend Ringtone: Polyphonic(64 channels) ,supprot mp3 ringtone Ringtones Amount: Depend on the storage size Ringtones Customization: Downloadable Vibration:Yes Music: Support MP3 background play, equalizer Video: 3GP, MP4, support 3GP, MP4 movie full screen play, support forward and pause FM Radio:Support Data Transfer: USB cable, Bluetooth Telephone Directories: 300 groups of phone books Messages &Multimedia Messaging: SMS, MMS Connectivity:GPRS Card Slot:: MicroSD (TransFlash) Games: 2 common games Battery:1000mah More information: Single card standby phone ,MP3 / MP4 player ,Handsfree ,Calendar ,Memo,Alarm clock, World time, Calculator, Voice recorder, SMS group sending, MMS, Support memory card to extend ,Bluetooth, TV phone,FM radio Handwritten + Keyboard dual input, Package Content: 1 x Cell Phone 2 x Standard Batteries 1 x Battery Chargers 1 x Stereo Headset 1 x Data Cable 1 x 256M TF Card 1 x English Manual Warranty: one year warranty Please note: We only provide one year warranty for the cell phone, and these accessories are exceptions. We will not refund the shipping cost if the returning cause is illegal Link:

send ringtones to your phones
send ringtones to your phones
Samsung T301G Prepaid Phone (Tracfone)
This stylish Samsung T301G slider phone offers an affordable way to stay in touch with family and friends across town and around the globe via voice communication and text messaging via the Tracfone prepaid wireless service. In addition to voice communication, it offers a full range of messaging options--both text and picture messaging as well as IM capabilites--and it's mobile Web ready. It features a VGA camera for capturing still photos on the go, Bluetooth connectivity for handsfree devices, color display, speakerphone, bi-lingual support (English and Spanish), organizer tools, up to 4 hours of talk time, and up to 20 minutes of starter airtime upon activation.
Tracfone Service
Tracfone provides nationwide prepaid wireless service using the nation's leading cellular providers to create a national footprint covering 99 percent of the U.S. population. This gives you connectivity everywhere cellular service is available. You can use your Tracfone across the U.S. and if you move, you can relocate your wireless number with just a phone call.
You can buy bundles of minutes (which must be used within a set time limit of between 90 to 365 days) from the Tracfone web site on your home PC or directly from your phone's web browser. For example, if you purchase a block of 120 minutes of airtime, you'll need to use that within 90 days of your first use. When you buy additional airtime minutes, your Tracfone service is extended automatically by another 90 days. Tracfone also offers international long distance calling to over 60 international destinations (including Argentina, Brazil, China, Mexico, most European countries, and many more), which deducts the same amount of minutes from your phone as when you make calls to destinations within the U.S.

Whether you want to send a text, go hands-free, or stay on schedule, the Samsung T301G has the tools you need to get the job done quickly and easily.
This phone ships with a number of handy Tracfone services, including free voice mail, free caller ID, and free call waiting. And perhaps most importantly, the integrated TracFone Airtime Balance Display shows you how much airtime you've used and how much is left, so you can control your costs. You must activate your cell phone before use either by calling the Tracfone toll-free number or going to the Tracfone web site.
Phone Features
The Samsung T301G has a brightly colorful LCD screen (128 x 160 pixels, 65K colors) that sits above a standard navigation area with send/end buttons and soft navigation keys. The face slides smoothly up to reveal an alpha-numeric keypad. The phone's small internal 2.4 MB memory can store up to 100 contact entries in the handset's phone book, and it also displays the last 30 incoming/outgoing/missed calls.
Handsfree communication is easy thanks to the integrated speakerphone. This phone also provides Bluetooth wireless connectivity (version 2.0), and includes profiles for communication headset and handsfree car kits.

Check out the Tracfone coverage map.
If you need messaging capabilities, the T301G has you covered as support is built-in for sending and receiving both SMS text messages and MMS picture messages--great for sending on-the-go photos captured by the phone's VGA camera (640 x 480-pixel resolution). The T9 predictive text technology is built into the unit, which autocompletes text for you as you type on the alpha-numeric keypad and offers options for selecting the correct word.
Other features include:
Includes up to 20 minutes of starter airtime upon activation (after activating your TracFone on the TracFone web site)
TracFone Airtime Balance Display shows you how much airtime you've used and how much is left, so you control your costs
Downloadable ringtones, graphics, news, weather, sports and more using Airtime Minutes
Organizer tools: Alarm clock, calendar, calculator, world time, stopwatch, converter
20 pre-loaded ringtones
Multilingual text display (English and Spanish)
Vibrating alert
Vital Statistics
The Samsung T301G weighs 2.92 ounces and measures 3.92 x 1.95 x 0.56 inches. Its 800 mAh lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 4 hours of talk time, and up to 336 hours (14 days) of standby time. It runs on the 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS frequencies.