Chow Dog Photo

chow dog photo
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chow dog photo - Chow Chow
Chow Chow Dog Custom Photo Italian Charm
Chow Chow Dog Custom Photo Italian Charm
A Choc Chow has a keen intelligence, an independent spirit and natural dignity. This Italian Charm portrays this delicate creature by showing a gorgeous cinnamon and white colored Chow Chow that is very fluffy. This charm will add personalization to your collection, because now, with our new and unique Custom Photo Charm, you can add you very own dog's name to the top of this charm. It is backed by stainless steel.

Note: Please provide custom information in the Comments section, located between billing and shipping information when ordering.

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Chow keeps eye on shadow fence
Chow keeps eye on shadow fence
Explored April 22, 2011 "The chow is a dog, who is a master, looking for a master, who is not a dog." - Unknown Or perhaps in this photo: "The chow is a dog behind a fence, looking at a fence that is not a fence." - Me HFF to all!
Chow Chow!
Chow Chow!
One of the cutest dogs I have ever seen! I walked past the dog and immediately knew I had to approach the owner and ask if I could take his photo. I want one!!

chow dog photo
chow dog photo
Unique Chow Dog Portrait (Vertical) Photo Frame Holds 4" X 6" Photo
Chow Wooden Horizontal Picture Frame is made up of dark mahogany with a brushed metal insert .Feature chow breed detailed in artistic pewter casting. These beautiful chow wooden picture frames come with a rich mahogany finish and a brushed aluminum accent border. Ideal for displaying mans best friend or favorite nature scene. Each frame is adorned with a detailed pewter sculpture of your favorite pet breed, fish or animal. The sculpture is made in the USA using the finest pewter alloy and has a care-free antiqued finish. All styles are available in both (Horizontal) or vertical frame formats. Our frames will accommodate 4" x 6" photos and can be ordered with portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) presentation.