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Make My Bike Stationary

make my bike stationary
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  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals
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make my bike stationary - Schwinn Magnetic
Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer
Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer
The Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer is a key component to any rider's off-season bike riding. While it's more enjoyable to get outdoors for a ride, this trainer helps you stay in shape even when the weather turns and the days get shorter and darker. With five different levels of resistance, you'll be well trained and prepared for any kind of ride.
This trainer features a broad, heavy-duty frame style that insures a comfortable, secure fit for your bike. The magnetic resistance provides a remarkably smooth ride to help mimic being out on the road while producing very little noise. From the beginner to the advanced cyclist, this trainer will have you riding in no time, making that bike in your garage a new piece of indoor exercise equipment.
The frame features an easy fold-down design for traveling. The trainer is very easy to assemble and it includes an extra skewer for your bike.

This Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer offers five levels of resistance for training and also folds for easy storage.

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day 101- sometimes you gotta give in to win
day 101- sometimes you gotta give in to win
sweet jesus. i took my first vyvanse today. i thought it wasn't working for the first hour and a half, because all it did was make my eyes hurt. my mom called to ask about it, and i complained while i walked to my chem lab. it kicked in in chem lab. thirty minutes in, i wanted to know EVERYTHING, wanted to understand why we were doing things, wanted to have a part in everything. my heart rate flew up to 116 bpm, so i went outside and took a breather while massaging my carotid artery. it almost instantly dropped to 90 bpm, which is livable, so i went in and continued with the lab. after that, i went to bio to continue with my Unknown organism lab. my plates were gone, so i had to start over. *sigh* all well, that's life. THEN i went home, changed for the gym, ran a mile and spent 30 minutes on a stationary bike, then walked home with my roommate. that's when the studying commenced. 5 solid hours of studying "just because." this is going to do wonders for my grades.
January 9 2009 - Hoping To Ride Soon
January 9 2009 - Hoping To Ride Soon
9/365 As shown in yesterday's photo, I'm still navigating my way through life on crutches, but things are improving, and seem to be improving faster than last time (thank goodness!). The next step in rehab is being able to more than just work on tightening my quad muscle - I will feel a huge sense of progress once I can get on the stationary bike and make a full revolution with the pedals. Until my incision stops leaking and decides to heal, we're holding off on doing something that will put a lot of bend into the knee, and that includes the bike. So, I get to look at the one that sits in my parents' living room, rather than ride it. Soon, I hope!

make my bike stationary
make my bike stationary
CycleOps Wind Indoor Bicycle Trainer
The CycleOps Wind Trainer is an awesome value, offering solid performanceat a great price. Simple and elegant in design, the Wind trainer's fan uses air to create a smooth, even resistance.

The CycleOps Wind Trainer is a great way to keep your legs in tip-top condition during the off season. While many cyclists dread the indoor training season, ensuring proper bike set up will make any workout more comfortable and enjoyable.
This trainer is a solid performing trainer that is easy on the pocketbook. With a simple and elegant design, the Wind Trainer's fan uses air to create a smooth, even resistance. The vortex blade design is high-powered, but produces very little noise. You'll be pleasantly surprised with this entry-level trainer's extra-wide range of progressive resistance and remarkable frame stability. The die cast zinc fan blades also double as a heavy flywheel for fluid stops and starts and a more road-like feel. The trainer includes a training DVD to help keep you motivated during your indoor exercise.