Chainless folding bikes. Light bike game for pc.

Chainless Folding Bikes

chainless folding bikes
    folding bikes
  • (Folding bike) A folding bicycle is a bicycle designed to fold into a compact form, facilitating transport and storage.
  • The Chainless was a French automobile manufactured from 1900 to 1903 in Paris by SA des Voitures Legere Chainless. The cars used Abeille or Buchet engines of 10, 16, and 20 cv, were shaft-driven voiturettes.
chainless folding bikes - Sonoma Men's
Sonoma Men's Chainless Drive Evolution Urban Voyager Bicycle
Sonoma Men's Chainless Drive Evolution Urban Voyager Bicycle
Commuting to work. A leisurely ride around town. Heading to class. Or just hitting your favorite coffee shop. Whatever your destination, the Sonoma Urban Voyager will get you there in style. By using our patented Chainless D-Drive System, The Sonoma Urban Voyager helps to ensure a smooth, easy ride every time you go for a spin. Instead of a traditional chain, the Sonoma Urban Voyager incorporates our exclusive D-Drive system, a self-contained drive shaft that powers the bike – but without the noise, mess or maintenance issues. People all over the world are already enjoying the benefits of the chainless evolution. And with the Sonoma Urban Voyager, it’s easy to start taking full advantage of them yourself. Designed specifically for easy, comfortable trips through urban and suburban environments, the Urban Voyager chainless bicycle is loaded with features like: A durable, yet lightweight aluminum frame that makes the bike easy to transport. State-of-the-art front and rear alloy brakes with easy-to-reach pull levers. An ergonomically designed seat that helps ensure a comfortable ride. Sonoma chainless bicycles are manufactured by Dynacraft, a leading manufacturer of bicycles for 25 years. Because of this, you can rest assured that the Sonoma Urban Voyager is engineered and manufactured with top-quality materials. With this heritage, Sonoma is a name you can trus

Whether you're commuting to work, taking a leisurely ride around town, or just hitting your favorite coffee shop, the Sonoma Urban Voyager men's chainless bike will get you there in style. The bike packs a variety of cutting-edge features into its sleek, streamlined body, including a lightweight aluminum frame that makes parking or loading the bike onto a car or bus a breeze. Specifically engineered for easy, comfortable trips through urban and suburban environments, the Urban Voyager also includes state-of-the-art front and rear alloy brakes with easy-to-reach pull levers, an ergonomically designed seat that helps you stay comfortable on long rides, dual-density handgrips that are firm on the inside yet comfortable on the outside, and a shock-absorbing suspension fork that ensures a smoother, more controlled ride.

The bike's chainless D-Drive system eliminates the trouble-causing chain and derailleur.
Sonoma's Chainless D-Drive System
It's the low-maintenance chainless design that really stands out, however. Powering the newest trend in chainless bicycling, the chainless D-Drive system replaces the parts of a bike that cause the most problems--the chain and derailleur. In their place, the D-Drive system uses a drive shaft with a fully enclosed bevel gear system to transmit power from the bike pedals to the rear wheel. Shimano internal gears within the rear wheel help the system run smoothly and quietly while optimizing pedal efficiency. At the same time, the Shimano "twist and go" gear system is responsive and easy to use, so you can shift with the flick of a finger.
The chainless D-Drive system offers a number of benefits over traditional chain bikes. In addition to delivering a much quieter ride, it keeps you from ruining your favorite clothes while riding to work or getting grease all over your hands while fixing a slipped chain. The D-Drive system is also protected from external elements, so it doesn't require the ongoing cleaning, lubrication, and checkups that a chain-drive bike typically requires. And the internal drive shaft is less likely to sustain damage from falls and road debris, giving it a significantly longer life than a chain. In fact, the D-Drive system carries a warranty that lasts for the life of your bike. Once you experience Sonoma's exclusive D-Drive chainless system, you may never want to ride a chain-driven bicycle again.
Other features include built-in water bottle mounts, durable 700c Kenda city tread tires and tubes, and a handy rear carrier rack ideal for books, files, sports gear, and more. Best of all, everything on the bike is backed by either a two-year or lifetime warranty. The Sonoma Urban Voyager is available in a deep satin forest color with grey accents.

The Shimano 7-speed shifters are located within easy reach.

Riders will love the convenient rear carrier rack.

Color: Deep satin forest with grey accents
Frame size: 19 inches
Wheel size: 28 inches
Frame: Lightweight 6000 series aluminum with water bottle mounts
Saddle: Cionlli dual fabric commuter saddle
Handlebars: Alloy with adjustable stem
Fork: RST SOFI ML suspension with mechanical lockout system
Fenders: Quick-release front and rear
Hub: Shimano Nexus Inter 7 (rear), 7-speed sealed gear hub
Shifter: Shimano Nexus Revoshift 7-speed
Brakes: Front and rear alloy V-brakes with alloy hand pull levers
Operating system: D-Drive chainless
Rims: 700c double-wall alloy
Rack: Alloy rear rack with Sonoma signature storage bag
Tires: 700c Kenda city tread tires and tubes
Pedals: Plastic platform, 9/16 inches, with CPSC reflectors
Grips: Anatomically designed dual-density
Stand-over height: 28 inches
Warranties: Lifetime on frame, fork, and D-Drive system, 2 years on all other components
About Dynacraft Bicycles
Dynacraft brings families together by providing affordable, high-quality bicycles for everyone in the family, no matter their age. Based in American Canyon, California, Dynacraft imports and distributes such brands as Barbie, Dekra, Hot Wheels, Magna, Malibu, Next, and Rhino. The company's recent innovations include a new state-of-the-art distribution center in Napa, California, that reduces the time it takes to get Dynacraft's bikes to customers' stores. Dynacraft also entered the adult comfort bike segment by introducing the Dekra D-Drive, a chainless three-speed bike specifically designed for pleasure riding.

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Modified folding bike.
Modified folding bike.
An old folding bike I found in the dump and repaired into this very cheap folding Bike Friday type bike. It has a 3 speed hub for a limited amount of gearing.
Folding Bikes
Folding Bikes
The College's small fleet of folding bikes can be checked out on a daily basis and taken on Metrolink trains.

chainless folding bikes
chainless folding bikes
Columba 20" Alloy Folding Bike w. Shimano 7 Speed Blue (R20A_BLU)
Brand new, 98% factory assembled. Riding with style and convenience. This light weight bike (only 31 lbs) can be easily folded within 10 seconds, for easy storage and transportation. It can fit in a compact car's rear trunk, like 2000 Honda Civic. People can use the bike for commuting to work, riding in parks, in camping ground. Recommended for rider's height 5'0"-5'7"; Supporting rider's max weight up to 180 lbs; Net weight 31 lbs, shipping weight 38 lbs; Folded dimensions 33"x15"x26"; Black, Silver, Blue color available.