12 Bikes For Boys

12 bikes for boys
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12 bikes for boys - Cars 12-Inch
Cars 12-Inch Boys BMX Bike by Huffy
Cars 12-Inch Boys BMX Bike by Huffy
Cars 12" Boys Single Speed, manufactured by Huffy.

Disney/Pixar fans who are just learning how to ride will love exploring the neighborhood on this brightly colored Cars-themed 12-inch bike. Manufactured by Huffy, the bike offers such construction details as a sturdy steel diamond frame, a steel unicrown fork, and a steel one-piece crank. The bike's training wheels, meanwhile, offer stability while learning but also detach in minutes when your child is ready to ride solo. Perhaps the coolest details for kids, however, are the Cars graphics, which are plastered on the frame, padded saddle, and chain guard. The bike even includes a character from the Disney/Pixar movie on the front of the included handlebar bag. Other features include rear coaster brakes, clear grips, and steel 12-inch spoked wheels with real rubber tires. The bike carries a six-month warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the frame.

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EC Viets - Wageningen 1900s
EC Viets - Wageningen 1900s
A Must-Have-Seen ad when you are interested in Dutch bicycle history! The bicycle maker E.C. Viets Eli Cornelis Viets (1847-1921) made (wooden) bicycles since 1880. He established his enterprise on the old main road between Utrecht and Arnhem just across the road of Hotel 'De Wereld' (= 'The World'). So the hotel quests could easily rent or buy a bicycle at Viets. Smart! He also advertised with an 'Automatic Cycle Teacher', "An apparatus with whom everybody can learn cycling in some hours, and inside". "No fear of falling down." "No people thinking they never will learn it." About this nice advertisement Top left and right: "Federation-Approved Bike Repair, 1rd Grade" Below the line: "Trading and Renting Bicycles Educational Institute for Bicycling Blacksmith and Stove Warehouse, Prams, Racing Bikes etc." 'Bondsrijwielhersteller' refers to his recognition as a bike repairer by the ANWB. At that time ANWB stands for Algemene Nederlandse WielrijdersBond (General Dutch Bicyclists Federation). Today the ANWB calls itself a 'Tourist Club' (= 'Toeristenbond') and acts primarily as an Automobile Association. Since 1975 the interests of Dutch cyclists are promoted by the 'Fietsersbond' (= 'Cyclists' Union'), 'For safe, fast and fun biking'. Wageningen is a then village / now town in the Dutch province of Gelderland. Nice to know On May 6, 1945, the German general Blaskowitz surrendered to the Canadian general Charles Foulkes, which ended the Second World War in the Netherlands. The detailed terms of the capitulation were signed in a farmhouse in the village of Nude, just outside Wageningen. The Generals had negotiated the terms of surrender in the Hotel 'De Wereld' on May 5, 1945 in the presence of Prince Bernhard (commander of the Dutch Home Forces). The 'Fiets' controversy Today, there are over 12 million bicycles in The Netherlands, and we call them simply 'fiets'. Nobody knows why. And no word has fascinated etymologists more. In 1919 and again in 1948 the Dictionary of Dutch Language (Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal) stated that the word 'fiets' originated of Viets, the surname of the Dutch bike maker in Wageningen. But it turned out that it could not be true, because the word 'fiets' was already in use in 1870. There are some other explanations, or stories if you like, about the origin of the word fiets. To name the three most important: - Degeneration of the French word velocipede. So: velocipede > vielesepee > vietsen > viets > fiets? (Suggestion done in an Dutch etymological dictionary of 1936.) - Sound-imitation to show speed: ffts. - Coming from the Southern dialect word 'vietsen', meaning fast moving. Velocipede, rijwiel, fiets The Dutch lawyers, doctors, manufacturers, etc.; the elite which began bicycling, used the French word 'velocipede' (but without the accent marks). Bikes were expensive in the beginning, so a chic word was preferred. But as more people took the bike, grew the need for a better Dutch word. That word was rijwiel. Rijwiel + wielrijden became the legal terms for the bicycle and riding a bicycle. Only in the 1960s in the Dutch legislation the term 'rijwiel' has been replaced by 'fiets'. It had to be because since the beginning of the century 'fiets' was already the normal word. As you saw with a saw and drill with a drill, you can also viets with a viets. In this way around 1870 very probably the word "viets" or "fiets" arises from the Brabant dialect word "vietse" which means "quickly moving forward". It could also explain why "fiets" was originally written with a v. And why the word has long had a low status. It was a 'folk word' the ANWB wrote. A word used by the workers. Source: Ewoud Sander, "Fiets! The history of a vulgar word for boys', The Hague 1996. 0206
Birthday Boy & Girl and Phina
Birthday Boy & Girl and Phina
Mykle and I have the same birthday! I led a bike ride for my birthday. We were supposed to do 30 things. It was really awesome to have so many pals come out and ride with us and try to accomplish this. Lemme see if we did: 1. dutch baby brunch with my best friends at Helser's and a bellini, cuz that's how I roll 2. Leisurely coffee at Ristretto, with Timo, Waffles, Mykle and Phina 3. Visit Pygmy goats and 4. domesticated mallard ducks living in a kiddie pool in a backyard 5. Swing on the tire swing on Mississippi overlooking downtown 6. Pose like a Statue of Liberty replica 7. Find a Halloween Snow (Leaf) globe 8. See amazing fall colors 9. Find the new Hydropark on N. Concord 10. Eat giant, delicious autumn apples scavenged from the hydropark 11. Sit in the beautiful benches at the Hydropark & see the art 12. Play Ring Around the Timo (we all fall down!) 13. Ride along Gay street 14. Visit the largest Oregon White Oak in Portland, a native Heritage tree (HUGE! N. Humboldt street if you're looking for it) 15. Find a public park a bunch of us had never been to before - Madrona Park, a tiny secret park behind Adidas 16. find the native heritage Madrona tree that Madrona Hill neighborhood is named after (at said park) 17. Ride along a Parkway not on a Sunday (Omaha street parkway - beautiful right now!) 18. Ride in circles on the Tricycle Race Track at Gammans Park (10-15 adults on full size bikes) 19. Go down the slide in a choo-choo train (me, Jess and Phina) 20. Two grownups on one swing (me & Trina) 21. Wander a cemetery at creepy twilight (Columbian Cemetary in North Portland) 22. See the creepy topiary in the baby grave section! 23. Ride along the Columbia Slough into the sunset 23. Plan how to ward off Zombie Attack in the wastewater treatment plant nature trail 24. High-five 30 strangers in a bar (Mock Crest tavern) 25. NIGHT TIME BIKE POSSE! (Waffles' favorite) 26. eat Mug O' Pickles (Mock Crest) 27. 30 birthday spanks -from a 1 year old 28. Go someplace new I'd never been (Madrona Park, Columbian cemetary, and the Denver street connection to the slough) 29. Learn about important world events that influenced my astrological horoscope at the time I was born 30. Have mellow time with more of my favorite friends late at night! including Jammy Time with some ladies.

12 bikes for boys
12 bikes for boys
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