Vintage style decorating - Kitchen decorative accents.

Vintage Style Decorating

vintage style decorating
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Love Is Blue Vintage Style Locket Necklace
Love Is Blue Vintage Style Locket Necklace
This delicate and feminine necklace began with a heart shaped filigree locket decorated with lucite flowers, swarovski crystals, czech glass rondelles, a sweet vintage key charm, and antiqued bronze findings. To make this necklace really special, I mounted a delicate blue polymer clay rose on a filigree plate, dangled a sparkling AB swarovski crystal teardrop and attached it to a 16" vintage style twisted rope chain. I tied it all together with a swirly toggle clasp. The locket opens so that you can put two photos inside and hold those you love close to your heart!
Vintage Style Sapphire and Brass Locket Necklace
Vintage Style Sapphire and Brass Locket Necklace
This handmade antiqued brass vintage style pendant necklace features a 18mm x 24mm antiqued brass filigree heart locket over a filigree Vintaj brass crest. A sapphire blue Swarovski flat back crystal adorns the face of the locket. Faceted sapphire blue AB Czech Glass rounds, faceted Indian sapphire Swarovski crystal bicones, antiqued brass melon beads and daisy spacers decorate the chain. A floral connector holds the antiqued brass Mother and son chain to the pendants and a round link chain finishes the design. Necklace is 19.5 inches (495.3mm) long.

vintage style decorating
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