1 2 Bathroom Decorating Ideas. Table Settings Decorations

1 2 Bathroom Decorating Ideas

1 2 bathroom decorating ideas
  • Provide (a room or building) with a color scheme, paint, wallpaper, etc
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  • toilet: a room or building equipped with one or more toilets
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  • a room (as in a residence) containing a bathtub or shower and usually a washbasin and toilet
  • A bathroom is a room that may have different functions depending on the culturalist context. In the most literal sense, the word bathroom means "a room with a bath".
  • A room containing a bathtub or a shower and usually also a washbasin and a toilet
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picnic dinner-artomatic "date night"
picnic dinner-artomatic "date night"
click on all sizes" above picture to see larger view last year at artomatic 2008 neal and i started a "tradition" of "date night" at artomatic. there is so much art to see and it is hard to really view all in one time there. we decided that every wednesday we would go to artomatic for "date night". either we'd bring a picnic dinner, or last year bought food from one of our vendors (we hope "on the fly" will be back again...great food!). we eat our dinner , usually on the floor where my art is (this year...9th floor right off the elevator) and then we would slowly walk around two floors. even though we would complete the floors so carefully, when we would return again to the floor (another "date night" night) we would see art we hadn't seen the first time. there is so much to see! at our first "date night", may 14, we were able to look at all 8 floors as almost all of the 800 plus artists haven't started their installing of their work yet. the 9th floor is planning a "artists get to know each other and celebrate the joy of aom" party. i walked the 9th floor putting out advertisements for all the artists telling them about the party so they could join in. after we did that we toured floors 8-5. then a picnic dinner. then toured floors 4-2. the busiest floors were 5 and 7. each floor had perhaps 10 artists working there. i ran into a few folks i know (sean busy at work, veronica setting up, kevin and his grafetti, my partition mate lisa and her mosaics, to name a few). also met some new artists and admired the work of ben tolman. neal and i will return next wednesday to "date" and have a look see. hopefully there will be more art up and ready...time is getting close! day three of installation 1 may: the painting is done. the lights are up and today the art work was all hung, along with my name sign, business cards, and comment book for art loving patrons to write in. neal and i were able to finish installing in three days! of course this is largely due to my wonderful neal who worked very hard to do the painting, lights and hanging the art. and what did i do.......well.....i made the art and the picnic dinners and lavished praise and kisses on my great guy! actually neal really enjoys doing all this. we have always, through out our marriage, worked well as a team and he likes "helpng out"...makes him feel part of the artomatic experience and also part of what i do in my llife as an artist. he is my biggest fan and supporter. knowing he is "in my corner" really aids in my creative processes! in between hanging work we stopped for a picnic dinner. now that i have finished hanging my work i can "relax", do my volunteer shifts and come to artomatic just to check up on my space and also see what the rest of the aom-ers are doing for install and get a sneak peek at the art work before the show opens. the space turned out just as i had envisioned it. i am very pleased. done with installation!!!!!!!!!!!!! last year i painted my space lime green and it became known as "the lime green beast". this year i am painted my space orange. i wonder what it's "name" will be? artomatic art show at new artomatic space...55 m st. SE, washington dc. this is the space for one of my upcoming art shows...29 may to 5 july. artomatic is an art happening that occurs in the washington, dc area usually every year. this is the 10th year anniversary..so a special show. i have been in artomatic since 2007. there are around 800 artists that participate. not all are 2d artists. some are sculptors, musicians, dance, other performance artists (like fire eaters!), there is food, music, bars, and all sorts of happenings. it is one of the most popular shows in this area. all the art is for sale. i have had many good things happen to me art-wise with artomatic. an artist can display anything they want. this year i will be showing my pastels. the building is a new building under construction. the owner will let us have the art show there (FOR FREE...NO RENT) before he rents the building to businesses. we built walls, partitions for artists to hang their work, rooms, stages, put in lighting, etc. all the artists do the work together. it is great fun. these are the partitions artomatic used in the artomatic '08 show. this year we turned the wood inside out...the surfaces from last year, that each artist painted/decorated to suit her/his artistic creation are now facing inward. after artist selects their space they will begin to paint and hang their work. following week: i was very pleased to see a change since last wednesday. there were partitions painted, art installed, artists busy at work getting ready! though, give the 1000 plus aom artists, i'd say maybe only 25% or less was anywhere started (and very few actually completed). most of all the core wall spaces were totally untouched! we visited 9
bathroom 2
bathroom 2
bathroom with one-way glass :)

1 2 bathroom decorating ideas
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