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Music Downloads


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New Songs

You Make Me Feel Like an Idiot(2.1) This one is ok, but still needs some work.

Grant Song This song isn't breaking new ground, but I had a lot of fun making it.

Digital Subscriber Line(3.1) I really like this song.  It is just a bassline and a melody, nonetheless, I got interesting sounds out of cheap gear, which is always fun.

Why Should the Future be Different?

This was my first album of electronic music.  I recorded it in winter of 2006.  I really need to remix the songs for MP3; you'll understand why when you hear them.  But at least it is up.  Most of the samples were taken from Things to Come (1936).

1.Figure Horizontal

This was the first song I recorded for this album.  The idea formed in my head while I was drinking with Cpat Zoom and Surfer Pete.  I set up the mics and handed them books to read aloud; that's where all the babbling in the beginning came from.  I think I recorded about half of the parts that night.  It all fell together rather quickly.  It is kinda rough, but this song gets the album started right. Pineappleman made a video for this song.


The title is 'backwards' backwards.  The music was written and recorded backwards, then I reversed the tracks to make them sound forwards.  So the sounds are backwards backwards.  It gave the sounds a percussive effect that you can't replicate playing things forward. (I used analog synths which don't have symmetric envelopes because of the way the capacitors discharge.)

3. Pineappleman vs. the Kelvins 

I came up with the percussion part fiddling around with the Evolver.  I made some patches for the Cosmo Synth which fit well against it.  The lead part in the beginning could have been a bit tamer.  Except for the percussion part, there was no sequencing in the song, so you can hear what a bad keyboardist I am.  For the big sweeps in the second half i used an analog filter with envelope.  Pineappleman left the voicemail.  The green bottles of scotch are a reference to the Star Trek episode By Any Other Name-the joke was reprised in Relics.

4.The Devil of Science 

This song has the most "theme" to it, as it were.  In the first sample the characters are debating going to the moon.  This ties in with the Galileo reference in Figure Horizontal.  The other samples are from the Challenger flight log.  There are some nice FM sounds in the beginning.  Most of the music is just playing with the filter cutoff end envelope depth.  I recorded a dozen takes of this song, and spliced together the best three.  For just 2 parts, synth and drums, the song fills up a lot of space.

5. Zeus

One of the best songs I have ever made. I found the beat in a drum machine, not knowing it was from a Led Zeppelin song.  I played electric bass and tried to make it sound funky with mild syncopation and missing notes.  The synth part morphs from "fat, but modern" to "industrial".  The samples are from Steve Wozniak's speech at a HOPE conference.  I really like the part where he and Steve Jobs (the largest shareholder in Disney) are running from the cops.


Modular Experiments

Glow in the Dark Mathematic This is one of the first songs I made with my modular synth.  It is a very large sound,especially for one oscillator.  There are a lot of timberal changes that are interesting, but it isn't much of a song.  Just playing with sound.

To the Bat Country  As I recall i had a lot of pulse width modulation experiments going on with the oscillator.  One of the inputs was either feedback or noise.  I made a video about a similar patch here.

Near the Outside  Nothing much to say.  Just playing around and it turned out kinda nifty.


 Old Songs

Fashionable Nonsense The quote in the beginning is from Transgressing the Boundaries which you can read about here.

Afternoon Player  I wrote the music and gave it to my friend to rap over.  It was a fun little internet collaboration.  I would like to do something like this again, but i don't have much hip-hop friendly music.

It's Ok  I didn't like how it turned out.  But Pineappleman said it was ok, and he is always right.