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Welcome to my web page. Here you can find my music, a quick tour of my bedroom music studio, and the archive of my defunct radio show.

Despite my username, I don't have anything about blues up at the moment, though I am working on a new blues based music project. Hopefully we will have something posted in a few months.


2009/2/8 Here are 2 new demos:

Genuine and Authorized Pope 

Only Stupid People Do Cool Things

2009/1/30 Here is a snippet from a jam session.Lot's of

gear pr0n.

2008/12/13 New demo of  Don't Tell Me Nothing is Wrong

2008/08/10 I recorded a little jam today.

2008/05/21 I have reorganized the studio.  I replaced my broken audio interface and I am looking forward to recording again.  I now have a pair of turntables and a shiny new Korg R3. :) 

2008/01/06 New song uploaded: Don't Tell Me Nothing is Wrong(4.1)

2008/01/05: Here is the video for Figure Horizontal

2008/01/02: New song uploaded:You Make Me Feel Like an Idiot(2.1)