251495 - SEE Climate Change

SEE Forum on Climate Change Adaptation

project leader

postal adress

Wiedner Hauptstr. 32; 1040 Vienna, Austria


+43 1 589 00


Sonja Greiner (Belgrade)/ Eduard Trampusch (Vienna)

email address




Institute for Economic Promotion of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber 

Centre for Monitoring and Evaluation, Serbia

Croatian Red Cross, Croatia 

Macedonian Red Cross, Macedonia 

Montenegro Red Cross, Montenegro 

Stichting International Red Cross Red Crescent Centre on Climate Change and Disaster Preparedness, Netherlands 

WWF International Danube-Carpathian Programme, Austria 

Asociata WWF Programul Danuare Carpati Romaniaro, Romania 

total budget

684.800 EUR

EC Grant

472.392 EUR


24 months

Objectives of the action

  1. Contribution to an increased participation of CSOs in the uptake, implementation and monitoring of the socio-economic acquis.
  2. Contribution to an increased awareness of the social, economic, environmental and health impacts of climate change in the SEE region.
  3. Contribution to the development of a strong regional co-operation on Climate Change Adaptation among CSOs and public stakeholders.


Specific objective:

The capacity of CSOs  to participate in the decision-making process on Climate Change Adaptation is improved based on strong regional cooperation across Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and the EU.

target groups

  1. At least 80 social, economic, environmental and humanitarian CSOs as active members of 4 national Networks on Climate Change Adaptation in Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia
  2. At least 100 CSOs, research institutes and public stakeholders as active members of the regional SEE Forum on Climate Change Adaptation
  3. 800 participants at information exchange meetings, workshops, trainings and conferences
  4. 8 CSO network staff trained as multipliers in development networks, implementing climate vulnerability assessments and advocacy skills.


final beneficiaries

 More than 30% of the population of the four countries (approx. 5.700 000 people) belong to special vulnerable groups (elderly, children, people with bad access to health care and low-income, people who overexert at work, disabled, etc.). They will benefit from the climate adaptation measures and from the improved knowledge and behaviour change regarding to climate related health risks, energy efficiency, land use, building activities and disaster preparedness.

estimated results


  1. 4 national CSO Networks on Climate Change Adaptation in Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia established and mobilised.
  2. Capacity of 4 national CSO networks in climate risk analysis strengthened.
  3. Capacity of 4 national CSO networks to develop and implement advocacy strategies strengthened.
  4. SEE Forum on Climate Change Adaptation by 4 national CSO networks established to sustain linkages between national, regional and international advocacy initiatives.