20 Inch Girls Bike With Gears

20 inch girls bike with gears
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20 inch girls bike with gears - Kawasaki Girl's
Kawasaki Girl's K20G 20-Inch Bicycle
Kawasaki Girl's K20G 20-Inch Bicycle
A Kawasaki for the girl's, the X20G has what it takes to rule roads and trails. It features a 13" steel frame, front suspension, 6 speeds, twist shifter, alloy rims, quick release seat, water bottle, and water bottle cage.

This 20-inch bicycle is perfect as a girl's first mountain bike. It is built on a low-profile frame for greater clearance, and it features a suspension fork to smooth the trail. Six-speed gears help flatten hills, and linear-pull MTB brakes provide safe stopping power in all conditions.

Features and Specifications:
Low-profile frame
Six-speed gears
Linear-pull brakes
Suspension fork
Handlebar bag
Frame: Steel, hardtail frame
Front Suspension: Non-adjustable, 50-millimeter travel
Rear Shock: None
Rims: Steel, 20 inches by 1.5 inches
Tires: 20-inch by 2-inch knobby tires
Shifter: Grip shift, six-speed
Front Derailleur: None
Rear Derailleur: Six-speed
Crank: Steel, 40 T
Pedals: MTB type
Saddle: MTB type
Seat Post: Steel, 25.4 inches by 10 inches
Handlebars: Steel, 560 millimeters by 108 millimeters
Stem: Steel, 25-degree rise, 80 millimeters
Headset: Steel, threaded 1 inch
Brakeset: Linear pull (front and rear)
About Cycle Force Group
Cycle Force Group is one of the world's largest suppliers of bicycles and bicycle-related products. It distributes several internationally known brand names, including Polaris, Victory, Ford, Kawasaki, International, and Smith & Wesson. Cycle Force Group's design and distribution headquarters is centrally located in Ames, Iowa.
What's in the Box?
Bicycle, handlebar bag, kickstand

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my gear !!! :-) Not shown: Slik pro 700dx tripod sony point and shoot velbon carbon fibre monopod soon to be added : tokina 11-16 F/2.8 nikon 35mm F/1.8 nikon SB-600 speed light and another yum cha speed light sigma 70-200 F/2.8 sigma 17-70 F/2.8-4.5
Gear Bag
Gear Bag
With the new gear we just got, I'm feeling a little geeky right now. So here's our current gear bag...good enough for two cool peeps :) Check the notes for more details.

20 inch girls bike with gears
20 inch girls bike with gears
Diamondback Girls' Tess 20 Jr Mountain Bike (2011 Model, 20-Inch Wheels)
With a geometry designed to take big hits but with features conducive to a beginner, the Tess 20 Jr. Mountain Bike is Diamondback's introductory mountain bike for girls. Tess features a front suspension fork, an integrated chainguard, and durable Shimano twist shifters and derailleurs for trouble-free, single-handed gear changes that familiarize the beginning rider with the process of shifting. The six-speed twist shifter introduces the young rider to shifting without causing too much confusion, while the linear pull brakes help her get used to braking with her hands instead of her feet. The steel frame is built for both speed and riding the trails, with wide, knobby tires for traction on rocks, dirt, and scree.
Steel frame is built for speed on dirt trails but with features designed for a beginner
Front suspension fork features 40mm of shockproof travel to ensure a smooth ride
Drivetrain provides 6 speeds; integrated chainguard
Comfortable SunRace twist shifters allow the hands to remain properly positioned while changing gears
Linear-pull brakes offer reliable stopping power and comfortable hand-brake levers
Wide, knobby tires provide great traction on varied surfaces
Best Use: Mountain biking
Bike Style: Mountain bike
Bike Frame: Steel
Bike Suspension: Front suspension
Fork: Zoom suspension, 40mm travel
Crankset: 40mm 1-piece 40
Bottom Bracket: Looseball
Shifters: SunRace twist
Front derailleur: N/A
Rear Derailleur: Shimano
Rear Cogs: Shimano MF-TZ20, 14-28, 6-speed freewheel
Number of Gears: 6
Brake Type: Rim brake
Brakes: Alloy linear
Brake Levers: Alloy linear
Rims: Steel
Front Hub: 36h nutted
Rear Hub: 36h nutted
Wheel Size: 20 inches
Tires: Junior ATB knobby 20 x 2.0
Handlebar Shape: Riser bar
Handlebar: Steel junior riser
Stem: Steel quill
Seat Post: Steel Pillar 27.2mm
Saddle: Junior ATB 2-panel
Pedals: Resin platform
Headset: Threaded 1 inch