Star Trac Spinning Bike : Mountain Biking Training Program.

Star Trac Spinning Bike

star trac spinning bike
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star trac spinning bike - Star Trac
Star Trac S-RB Walk Thru Recumbent
Star Trac S-RB Walk Thru Recumbent
The Star Trac S-RB recumbent blends elegant styling and proven components to deliver a world class exerciser. Based on the award winning Star Trac commercial products, the S-RB features a convenient walk-through design, wrap-around seat handle for easy adjustments, and a personal cooling fan. 6 program options will allow users to vary their training routine and 20 resistance levels guarantee a great cardio workout. The Star Trac S-RB is a powerful training tool.

Based on the award-winning design of the Star Trac family of cardio exercise equipment, the Star Trac S-RB recumbent bike boasts approachable, comfort-driven features like a walk-through design and a wrap-around seat adjustment for simple position change. The dual platform pedals with inline skate-style straps allow for easier customized adjustment and a more secure hold. And it's capped by Star Trac's signature adjustable personal fan for added comfort to keep you pedaling longer.
The Star Trac S-RB offers 20 levels of resistance and provides 6 exercise programs, including two heart rate control programs. The dynamic heart rate control adjusts intensity level based on the user's heart rate for interval. The exercise console includes a 4-character message window as well as readouts for dedicated time, RPM, distance, heart rate, course profile and resistance level. It can also toggle between calories and METs.
Resistance levels: 20
Heart rate monitoring: Polar telemetry
Pedals/Crank: One-piece crank with sealed bearings, dual-sided pedal, extra-long 14-inch pedal straps with inline skate-style clip
Console readouts: 4-character message window, Dedicated: Time, RPM, distance, heart rate, motivational track, course profile, resistance level
Exercise programs: 6 programs including Dynamic Heart Rate Control, Constant Heart Rate Control, Quick Start, Manual, Burn Calories, Increase Endurance
Unit weight: 185 pounds
Dimensions: 25 x 66 x 52 inches (WxLxH)
Maximum weight capacity: 350 pounds
Manufacturer's Warranty
Lifetime warranty on frame, three years for parts and labor

78% (13)
New spinning space - SP365.31
New spinning space - SP365.31
The Handspun February group inspired me to finally get off my butt and rearrange my spinning area in the living room. Things got a little jumbled when the holidays hit and we had to move furniture to accommodate Thanksgiving dinner. We also went to IKEA today and got me a new spinning chair! It's a Poang and I couldn't be happier. Way more back friendly than what I've been working with to date. Free breakfast didn't hurt either. ;)
Salvation Studio Spinning bikes
Salvation Studio Spinning bikes
Salvation Studio proudly offers the Star Trac NXT Spinner state-of-the-art studio bike for its members. Salvation Studio Health & Fitness Center is located in Uptown New Orleans. We offer our members a First Class training facility, staffed by first rate professionals.

star trac spinning bike
star trac spinning bike
Star Trac Spinner Pro Cycle Bike (7070)
The Star Trac Spinner Pro Cycle Bike (7070) manufactured by Star Trac allows you to bring a club quality bike to the safety and convenience of your home. It has a 43 pound fly wheel is just like what youll find in the club. Its micro-adjustability allows you more comfort because youll be spinning in the perfect position for your body. Put this club quality Star Trac Spinner Pro Cycle Bike (7070) in your home gym and enjoy the benefits of spinning in the safety and convenience of your home. The Star Trac Spinner Pro Cycle Bike (7070) lives up to its name. Designed to feel like your road bike sans the ever-present risks of slick roads and flat tires, you'll hop on this bike hungry for that extra long climb.