How Much Calories Should You Eat A Day

how much calories should you eat a day
    how much
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  • Either of two units of heat energy
  • The energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water through 1 °C, equal to one thousand small calories and often used to measure the energy value of foods
  • (calorie) a unit of heat equal to the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree at one atmosphere pressure; used by nutritionists to characterize the energy-producing potential in food
  • The energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water through 1 °C (now usually defined as 4.1868 joules)
  • (caloric) of or relating to calories in food; "comparison of foods on a caloric basis"; "the caloric content of foods"
  • (caloric) thermal: relating to or associated with heat; "thermal movements of molecules"; "thermal capacity"; "thermic energy"; "the caloric effect of sunlight"
  • Have a meal in a restaurant
  • take in solid food; "She was eating a banana"; "What did you eat for dinner last night?"
  • Have (a meal)
  • Put (food) into the mouth and chew and swallow it
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  • feed: take in food; used of animals only; "This dog doesn't eat certain kinds of meat"; "What do whales eat?"
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how much calories should you eat a day - Mindless Eating:
Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think
Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think
In this illuminating and groundbreaking new book, food psychologist Brian Wansink shows why you may not realize how much you’re eating, what you’re eating–or why you’re even eating at all.

• Does food with a brand name really taste better?
• Do you hate brussels sprouts because your mother did?
• Does the size of your plate determine how hungry you feel?
• How much would you eat if your soup bowl secretly refilled itself?
• What does your favorite comfort food really say about you?
• Why do you overeat so much at healthy restaurants?

Brian Wansink is a Stanford Ph.D. and the director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab. He’s spent a lifetime studying what we don’t notice: the hidden cues that determine how much and why people eat. Using ingenious, fun, and sometimes downright fiendishly clever experiments like the “bottomless soup bowl,” Wansink takes us on a fascinating tour of the secret dynamics behind our dietary habits. How does packaging influence how much we eat? Which movies make us eat faster? How does music or the color of the room influence how much we eat? How can we recognize the “hidden persuaders” used by restaurants and supermarkets to get us to mindlessly eat? What are the real reasons most diets are doomed to fail? And how can we use the “mindless margin” to lose–instead of gain–ten to twenty pounds in the coming year?

Mindless Eating will change the way you look at food, and it will give you the facts you need to easily make smarter, healthier, more mindful and enjoyable choices at the dinner table, in the supermarket, in restaurants, at the office–even at a vending machine–wherever you decide to satisfy your appetite.

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Heysham Rock Balance Shelter
Heysham Rock Balance Shelter
So what did I learn today? Well, something quite useful actually. That it's possible to eat cold pasta with two pencils. I started the day a little bit pickled from the night before, shcatter-brained and dishorganished. Dave - he who do the MA about Decay - was accompanying me again and I hadn't made my mind up where we should go. For once I knew what I wanted to create and I would rope Dave into help but I couldn't decide where. We would need stone and the first option has some great stone but sadly I'm banned from doing anything there, the next two are next to rivers but the very heavy rain of yesterday would probably mean they would be too high to gather enough material. So just as Dave arrived I checked the tide and it would be at its height in an hour and half. We arrived on the coast and the tide was still high but fortunately I had left my camera behind so a return journey home and back to the bay would mean our second arrival to the bay would be timed with it just starting to recede. Perfect. Along with that the sun was shining and the sky was blue, not what we were expecting and not what the weatherman said. Even better. I've been putting together another proposal for a commission and the ideas I am pursuing are to do with the fragility of our existence and the possibility that we have reached a tipping point where our actions (or perhaps lack of the right ones) may end up in our own demise. 2010 so far has had the highest global temperatures on record and whether or not you believe that this is man-made or a natural fluctuation of earth temperatures, in my opinion is missing the point. Human beings have spread far and wide and taken all that they can from the earth in order to feed our addiction to needing stuff and to be able to increase our ability to survive, to protect ourselves from our environment, to keep our families safe and well. But as we've persued these needs with have funnelled ourselves into a trap where our collective future is now uncertain. We talk about saving the planet but that is rot. If we truly wanted to save the planet then it'd be better off if we all disappeared. No, what we really mean when we say we want to save the planet is we want to save our own skins. In order to represent this I am going to create a series of shelters containing rock balances, seal them up so that the fate of each delicate sculpture is unknown unless you look within. Just as our lust to better ourselves, to protect ourselves from the world and to have a better chance of survival has ripped all the finite resources from our planet and delivered us to a place where this quest has left us with an uncertain future. Will we be able to shelter from what our earth will throw at us now if our climate tips out of control? Will our delicate existence continue or will it collapse like a stack of pebbles and rocks? There is much more to this project but I don't want to reveal it all now. Anyway back to the important business of the day:- My camera wasn't the only item I'd forgotten. When I sat down to eat some lunch I realised I didn't have a fork. I thought that I might be able to whittle one out of driftwood but that might need more calories than the pasta might contain. I looked through my bag and found a pair of scissors and some thorns. Nope, that wasn't going to do it. How about I just stick my face in the food and eat it like a pig? I probably would have done if I'd been on my own. I know, why not use two pencils as chopsticks? They were actually easier to use than normal chopsticks. So if in doubt make sure you always have two pencils with you. Or else you might go hungry. Dave built the left wall and I built the right hand one. We found some driftwood for the roof and it was now ready for the sculpture to be built within. I tried several times to get the first few layers up but I couldn't sense where the centre of gravity was without being able to stand above it and all I ended up with was backache and a feeling of frustration. We took down the roof and I begun again. This time, still with effort and much searching for the right stones, I got it to stand. Gingerly we replaced the roof, being careful not to drop anything into the chamber and stood back to review what we had done. Originally I'd wanted to extend the sides and brick up the entrance but I thought it was fine just as it is. I wonder how long it will last?
Well, I gave myself 12 months to see what will happen. And boy, have I been busy! There are so many rules to make and follow you see. And in the end, should I still be here, it would , I guess make me appreciate my life after all. I started the last few days by basically trying to destroy 'TheTwo' rule. What this means dear folks is that, ever since I was a child, I had to do everything in twos. Its a form of compulsion in that I can only eat two slices of bread, walk into a room two times, open a door two times, eat exactly two peanuts and so on. If I had to do these things more than twice, I would have to make the resulting number divisible by two and other safe numbers. For example, I can eat two slices of bread, or four, or eight. But never six or twelve, because these numbers are divisible by three. And that rule applied everywhere. From eating, to going places. From the number of pencils in my pencil case to the number of pages in my exercise books. Weird? I know. Try growing up with it. Hence I got fat or thin by eating a lot, or too little. So, I slowly started breaking the Rule. How? Simply by bingeing on food again. I figured that if I ate one of every type of biscuit/chocolate/pudding/ice-cream etc, I would lose my count. And for the past few days, I have consoled myself in the fact that I will never, ever touch those things again. The reasoning being the fact that 'I have tasted it and I need not taste it no more'. Thus, I totally eliminated my need for such stuff. All those leftover biscuits and chocolates went to the people around me. Happy with that, I have upped my daily exercise on 'Silver', my exercise bike. I have to do a minimum of 1000 calories a day. No questions asked. I also will have to walk to work and back again. Which takes me about 45 minutes at a steady pace. That, should bring my weight down considerably in the next few months. The other thing that I am working on now is to stop acquiring things. I tend to buy a lot of toys dear moonbeams. A lot of it. So much so that I need at least a house to contain everything I own. And these are just the toys. Presently, most of my stuff is sitting in boxes at three different locations. Some over here, some at my Ex's and her children, and some over at my mom's. So, the buying of new stuff will have to stop. This will include clothes and shoes as well. I have already appointed my Ex as my legal next of kin and will start the process of dispersing my stuff through the various auction rooms dotted about the net. Of course, I will not tell my mom. She already worries about my eating habits, the headaches and the chest pains I so frequently get. She also knows about the '40' thing, but believes that its a long way off. I have spent the last few days reasoning the logic of it all. I hope my lack of enthusiasm for life will be rekindled to its blazing glory when I skim the surface of death. Should it take me, then so be it. But should it not, then mwah-ha-ha ... So, come the first of January, I should be ready to preform this GrandExperiment. That, along with TheList, will be my only resolutions in 2009. I will star the new year's Flickr post with the usual GingerbreadGirlWit but also keep a record of the number of calories consumed and spent. I will also occassionally put in the number of kilos lost and by this time next year, a complete record will be made. Good eh? By the way, if anyone wants a huge yellow water rifle (capable of shooting almost 70 feet!), please let me know. And please don't ask me to give Russell away. She is already spoken for ...

how much calories should you eat a day
how much calories should you eat a day
Clif Bar Builder's Bar, Chocolate Mint, 2.4-Ounce Bars, (Pack of 12)
The entirely natural protein bar. 20 g Protein. High in protein. No trans fat. 23 Vitamins and minerals. When work feels like a workout. I know that feeling. Throughout high school and well into my twenties, most jobs put my body through the wringer on a daily basis. Back then, I didn't care about natural ingredients or organic foods; I do now. And that's the principle behind our Builder's Bar. It's an entirely natural protein bar for those who put their own body through the wringer. The Builder's Bar contains 20 g of whole proteins. Without hydrogenated oils or trans fats, the Builder's Bar is a cut above many other protein options. And with its distinctive crispy, chewy texture, I hope you'll find them more delicious too. Enjoy! Low glycemic. We source ingredients which do not contain wheat, dairy, and are not genetically engineered. 32% Organic ingredients.

If you want to get more protein in your diet, but you don't want to sacrifice the benefits of all-natural ingredients or great taste, then the Clif Builder's Bar is the perfect choice for you. With 20 grams of 100% natural protein from soy and nuts, and with no trans fats or hydrogenated oils, this dipped double-decker bar is delicious and nutritious. When it's chocolate and protein you need, this is the bar you want.
Protein: The Immune System Booster
Nobody likes to have their training derailed because of a cold, flu, or fatigue. Because protein is essential for producing red blood cells and antibodies that resist infection, Clif Builder's Bars can help you get the amount of protein you need to stay in the game.

About Clif Bar & Company: Sustaining People and the Environment
Clif Bar & Company is committed to creating delicious, organic foods that are healthy for people and the planet. Clif knows that growing a healthy community, taking care of employees, and improving the environment are the only ways to operate a healthy, honest business.
As a food company, Clif understands that it has a responsibility to help create a more sustainable food system. Clif aims to reduce its ecological footprint, from the field to the final product. Committed to adopting practices that support sustainable agriculture, Clif is moving toward zero waste, reduction of its climate footprint, and conservation and restoration of the natural resources and ecosystems that we all depend on. Clif's goal is to grow a business that operates in harmony with the laws of nature, and to learn from and share with others along the way.

Natural Protein? Naturally!
Protein comes from both plants and animals, but not all protein is created equally. The protein found in Clif Builder's Bars is free of antibiotics, hormones and genetic modifications, giving you a valuable investment in your total body health.
So while an extra lean top sirloin steak or an organic chicken breast are great sources of protein, it's not always convenient to throw those in your briefcase or gym bag. That's why it's helpful to have a Clif Builder's Bar on hand as a portable source of great-tasting natural protein that has ingredients you know and trust.
Make Protein Work Harder For You
Staying healthy boils down to two simple ingredients: regular exercise and proper nutrition. Being active and eating healthy foods are no-brainers, but all too often people overlook the importance of getting enough protein in their diets. Virtually every part of your body needs protein to stay healthy, and when you work out, you especially need protein because your body is breaking down and repairing tissue.
The best time to grab a Clif Builder's Bar is within 30 minutes of completing a workout or competition--the protein helps your muscles recover quickly and gets you ready for the next training session. More protein also helps your body repair cuts, wounds, strains, stress fractures, broken bones, and other problems, which shortens the time you'll be on the sideline.
Build Your Brain with Clif Builder's
Have a big meeting coming up? Need to write a report? Grab a Clif Builder's Bar and get the brain boost you need to make it through. The protein in the bar helps keep your brain working properly. Brain cells talk to each other via messengers that are made up of amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Therefore, what you eat affects which neurons will be firing, and that in turn affects whether you'll feel energized or sluggish.

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Peanut Butter

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