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calorie restriction diet menu
    calorie restriction
  • Eating fewer calories while achieving adequate or optimal nutrition. It is the one intervention that has been shown to extend both mean and maximum lifespan in all species tested to date.
  • Calorie restriction, or caloric restriction (CR), is a dietary regimen that restricts calorie intake, where the baseline for the restriction varies, usually being the previous, unrestricted, intake of the subjects.
  • Practice of severely cutting caloric intake, usually by 20 to 50 percent to boost longevity
  • a prescribed selection of foods
  • follow a regimen or a diet, as for health reasons; "He has high blood pressure and must stick to a low-salt diet"
  • a legislative assembly in certain countries (e.g., Japan)
  • Restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight
  • the dishes making up a meal
  • The food available or to be served in a restaurant or at a meal
  • a list of dishes available at a restaurant; "the menu was in French"
  • (computer science) a list of options available to a computer user
  • A list of commands or options, esp. one displayed on screen
  • A list of dishes available in a restaurant
calorie restriction diet menu - Beyond the
Beyond the 120 Year Diet : How to Double Your Vital Years
Beyond the 120 Year Diet : How to Double Your Vital Years
According to Dr. Roy Walford, there's no need for plastic surgery or obsessive exercising to escape the effects of time. He argues that longevity can be significantly increased by a diet that contains all the required nutrients but about a third fewer calories. In this completely revised edition of The 120 Year Diet, Dr. Walford explains - and backs up his explanation with laboratory evidence - why he believes that the anti-aging diet can preserve one's vital, productive years and extend the human life span to well beyond its present maximum. A perfect companion to the author's The Anti-Aging Plan, this book also includes 20 days of varied high-nutrition menus that contain fewer than 1,500 calories a day.

85% (18)
Weight Log as of April 3, 2009
Weight Log as of April 3, 2009
This is my third week of being stuck between 210 and 207 lbs. Not sure if I have really reached a stasis point where weight loss due to fat is balanced by weight gain due to muscle, or if I need to change up my diet. Or if I have reached a point where I have gone as far as I can without additional exercise or calorie restriction. We'll see - the plan for now is to stay with the plan and track progress. Even losing a pound a month (which I can still say now) would be a good trend for the future. Biking was mostly a bust last week due to a combination of a busy weekend and poor weather during the week. Hoping to get in some biking tomorrow on the Trumbull Trail, if things have dried out by then. We shall see what happens.
Who wants some Popcorn?
Who wants some Popcorn?
Just a simple shot, but did you know that air-popped popcorn is naturally high in fiber, low in calories and fat, contains no sodium, and is sugar free. This can make it an attractive snack to people with dietary restrictions on the intake of calories, fat, and/or sodium. © All rights reserved, don't use my pictures without permission.

calorie restriction diet menu
calorie restriction diet menu
Calorie Restriction, Aging and Longevity
Food or calorie restriction has been shown in many short-lived animals and the rhesus monkey to prolong life-span. Life-long nutrition studies are not possible in humans because of their long survival. Studies over two to six years in healthy adult humans have, however, shown that a 20% reduction in food or calorie intake slows many indices of normal and disease-related aging. Thus, it is widely believed that long-term reduction in calorie or food intake will delay the onset of age-related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and so prolong life.
Over the last 20 or more years there has been a progressive rise in food intake in many countries of the world, accompanied by a rising incidence of obesity. Thus our increasing food and calorie intake has been linked to the rising incidence of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in early adult life. It is accepted that overeating, accompanied by reduced physical exercise, will lead to more age-related diseases and shortening of life-span. The answer is to reduce our calorie intake, improve our diet, and exercise more. But calorie restriction is extremely difficult to maintain for long periods. How then can we solve this problem?
Edited by a team of highly distinguished academics, this book provides the latest information on the beneficial effects of calorie restriction on health and life-span. This book brings us closer to an understanding at the molecular, cellular and whole organism level of the way forward.

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