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I mean no copyright infringement by the posting of pictures, videos, etc. on this blog. I do not in any way claim the rights of ownership to any of them. They totally remain the property of their respective owners. I have posted them purely for entertainment purposes only. All written content, unless otherwise noted as being quotes, has been written and copyrighted by me.

Here are some things you will learn while at Retrospace:

Jamie Gertz was in a Dungeons & Dragons commercial. here
Wesley from Land of the Lost is the man behind the children's cartoon Dragon Tales. here
Daryl Hall was into satanism big time (here) and so was Sammy Davis, Jr. here
Juan Epstein from "Welcome Back, Kotter" is indirectly linked to NASA space travel devices invented by the kid who was basis for The Exorcist. here
Jimmy Walker is related to Tootie through marriage. here
Kenny Rogers was a psychedelic pop star (here) and so was Mrs. Kotter. here
The Scooby-Doo template was copied a startling number of times on Saturday mornings. here
Musicians got extremely hairy in the late sixties and seventies, to where they are almost unrecognizable (here) ... and so on, and so on...

Retrospace looks at pop culture primarily from around 1965 to 1985.   Movies, music, television, advertising and comic books are common topics on Retrospace. The posts are usually off the beaten path and delve into the odd and seldom visited nooks of the pop culture landscape.

It's really just a bunch of odd little thoughts from our pop culture past... nothing too intellectual or earth shattering will be found here. Really, the reason I spend time doing this blog is simply to provide a relaxing diversion from the daily grind. It's nice sometimes to sit back and reflect on the so-called good ol' days. Remembering things like The Six Million Dollar Man and Escape from Witch Mountain can be a sort of chicken soup for the soul (to use a worn out cliche).  

Here are a few of the deeply philosophical and probing questions posted on Retrospace.

Was Shirley MaClaine's daughter on the original cover of the book, The Exorcist? Found here.

What is the worst Halloween candy of all time? Found here.

Was a pretty female ventriloquist somehow linked to the JFK assasination? Found here.

Here are a few examples of posts on Retrospace :

Was Monroe Raped By a Pack of Women in the Back of a Van?
I am plagued by the memory of a Too Close for Comfort episode where the ever-so-gay Monroe Ficus is raped in the back of a van by a group of women. Whether this really happened, I can't say for sure - it just seems too bizarre to have really occured. Yet, there are many people out there with the same vague memory (many of you have thankfully repressed it)....


The Mysterious Mrs. Drake

More elusive than Bigfoot, more perplexing than the identity of Jack the Ripper, I give you..... Joyce! The hunt for the woman behind this infamous record has been ongoing for years. A favorite among aficionados of bad album covers, the true identity of "Joyce" remains a mystery....



 What Happened to Dungeons and Dragons?

Although many may choose to forget or deny, Dungeons & Dragons was once an immensely popular pastime with over 20 million players and over $1 billion dollars in sales. The role playing game inspired video games, a Saturday morning cartoon and countless other media such as comic books, paperbacks and magazines. It couldn't possibly have been just a fringe of nerdy guys rolling the 20 sided die, right? As evidence, we have Jamie Gertz in a D&D commercial...


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