Our tutoring program

  Focus on Fundamental Math Operations

We make sure that students are not only learning the school curriculum but also advancing in the topics. For example when students are

learning how to handle decimal problems, we include all the problems related to decimals using mental math strategies and
 not using the calculator. Student perform all the problems without using calculators and when completed they grasp the solid understanding of four fundamental operations of math.We use the same teaching strategies for fractions, percentage, ratios and other topics.

Individual & Group learning

Group learning is an integral part of the 123 math magic approach. Our experience has shown that when students are working in a group they analyzed the problem and discussed the work together. They learn how to work as a group as well as individual work.  For example when learning survey techniques they work as a team, prepare survey questionnaire and interview other students and work as a group.

In depth Problem Solving Approach

We focus on strategies and problem solving techniques. Students are taught problem solving methods using various examples.  For example when students are learning Order of Operations (commonly known as BEDMAS), we take the approach of explaining why are we using this method. We explain the reasoning behind it so students are clear in their mind and understand the concepts. Students are encouraged to ask WHY and HOW etc, so they can understand the concepts behind it.

Number Sense, Geometry and Algebra

Students are introduced with addition and subtractions word problems in grade 1 and in grade 2 they learn 2 digits multiplication with ease. They also learn pattern rules, probability rules and introduction to shapes, temperature and time skills in grade 2. In grade 3 and upward we start focusing on mental math and problem solving strategies. Order of operation is taught in grade 3 and by grade 4 they do all the operations including brackets, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. In grade 4 they learn about Median number, how to find the mode and median and draw angles and circles. They learn survey techniques and show their results in bar graph in grade 2 and then advance in higher grades.

Science Lessons

Students do weekly science worksheets and small science experiment.  In addition to that, they do 3-4 science projects every year which includes detail reports, thorough research, display and presentation. We motivate them to take part in local Science fairs and gain the confidence. Occasionally, we play math and science trivia quizzes in the class. These quizzes are based on the concepts they are learning and are very helpful for students to remember it. 

We believe that Math is all about practice and children need to spend more time practicing it. Like anything else, it is the repetition that gives us confidence in our skill and it is confidence that moves us forward.