About us

123 math magic is a unique Canadian based Math program which offers after-school math classes with added science worksheets. Our program is focused on Canadian curriculum. Our goal is to make sure every student in the program is exceeding their province standard and feeling confident and motivated. Our program offers the services to average; below level and talented students in grade 1 – 10 is delivered by experienced tutors.

Why is 123 math magic better than any other program?            


1.        Different plan for each student, for example students who are average they start with easy worksheets and progress towards advanced worksheets and exceeds province standard and students who are talented they start with advanced worksheets and work towards more challenging levels.

2.       All students learn core math concepts and become master of it. They are encouraged to use mental math strategies for their problems.

3.       They also practice for different contests level problems. They work individually and also perform group activities

4.      Our program is focused towards strategies and problem solving. Students learn the strategies and apply them towards problem solving questions. Most of the problems solving questions are solved showing four step plan and students are encouraged to solve the problems step by step.

5.       We have added science worksheets and science projects for kids. Every week they do some reading and writing practice using these science worksheets and also work on regular science projects which are very thorough and research based. Then these projects are presented by students in the class. This gives them the confidence to write and present their information in front of a large group.

"We see the value of math in everyday life and in business. We see our younger generation as our leaders of tomorrow and we have a desire to encourage their mathematical skills that will help lead them to success."