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Pure Gold Collection Cd

pure gold collection cd
  • An instance of collecting money in a church service or for a charitable cause
  • several things grouped together or considered as a whole
  • a publication containing a variety of works
  • solicitation: request for a sum of money; "an appeal to raise money for starving children"
  • The action or process of collecting someone or something
  • A regular removal of mail for dispatch or of trash for disposal
    pure gold
  • 24-karat gold: 100 per cent gold
  • Pure Gold is a 1975 compilation album by Elvis Presley released as part of RCA's budget "Pure Gold" series of albums.
  • Classic Hits Radio/Greatest Mojo is a 24-hour Classic Hits radio network. Classic Hits Radio, formerly known as "Pure Gold," "Oldies Radio", plays a selection of well-tested pop and rock hits from the late 60s, 70s and 80s, with frequent rotation of contemporary cover versions of older songs (e.
  • Cord
  • candle: the basic unit of luminous intensity adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites; equal to 1/60 of the luminous intensity per square centimeter of a black body radiating at the temperature of 2,046 degrees Kelvin
  • Candela
  • cadmium: a soft bluish-white ductile malleable toxic bivalent metallic element; occurs in association with zinc ores
  • four hundred: being one hundred more than three hundred
pure gold collection cd - E M
E M Bounds: The Classic Collection on Prayer (Pure Gold Classics)
E M Bounds: The Classic Collection on Prayer (Pure Gold Classics)
The classic authoritative collection on prayer. Reverend E. M. Bounds spent the last seventeen years of his life devoted to prayer, reading scripture, and writing. As the fruit of his work, he offers an all-inclusive look at the subject of prayer in an eight book series. We’ve collected each title, modified the text into Modern American English, and presented them as one volume in our Pure Gold Classics Collection. This title includes:

Eight complete books on prayer gathered in one convenient volume

Short chapters perfect for personal devotions or group study

Topical index for easy reference

Biography of E. M. Bounds

Full-color timeline of selected events and people for historical reference

Modern American English text for today’s reader

75% (12)
"Leftism" CD cover
"Leftism" CD cover
"Leftism" by Leftfield:

So it had been a while since we heard from Leftfield. No remixes, no singles, no news. A year since the incendiary team up with John Lydon on the unforgettable "Open Up" Several lifetimes worth in clubland, all spent burrowed away working on this, their debut album. Just Neil Barnes and Paul Daley and a host of collaborators. Focusing their vision. Formulating their chemistry. And what you wanted to know was - are Leftfield still so crucial, do we need Leftfield?

So you approach "Leftfield" warily, because this far-gone pair of pure groove alchemists have never let you down so far. Those classic singles continually redefining soild club genius: "Not Forgotten". "Song of Life", "Release the Pressure" and "Open Up". And those remixes, the ones you'd part money for even before you'd heard them, 'cos you just knew instinctively that the sheer inimitable Leftfield magic would have mined new seams of gold-flecked brilliance in the art of remixing. So "Leftism" needs to more than just good, it had to be exceptional. Unique, unquestionably, unfalteringly unique.

From the far off, all doubts are erased, as soon as you're swept up into the 95 remix of "Release the Pressure", all cinematic grandeur that soon busts out of your speakers in a smoking cannon of electro-skank-mania. Check the vocals of reggae maestro Earl Sixteen - singing like there are butterflies in his throat. Barley time to wonder how you could ever doubt the remarkable dub-alchemy of the pair, before Djum Djum's natural scat chatta, and the urgent percussion of the Brazilian berimbou land the storming "Afro-Left" bang in the middle of and African house party gone full moon crazy, like its' 1999. This is Leftfield at their finest - fusing their love of natural riddims to their innate technical wizardry, making the unexpected such a goddamn groovy treat. Now you can relax, and soak up "Melt", as it taps into the radiant warmth you can only experience at sunset over the Victoria Falls. It's a brief lull before the sky-kissing "Song of Life" ('95 Version) wells up and breaks out as the very epitome of everything that's great about British house music. And then, before you know it, Curve's Toni Halliday is coming atcha with a bread knife, telling you how special you all are, turning "Original" into a twisted piece of deranged deep blue breakbeat psychosis. Another shock, another great moment.Then "Black Flute", hard as nails, a thunderous order to dance that sprung, like so much of this album, from some well frenzied live jamming and instant mixing. Some start!

Straight into "Space Shanty", a cosmic Hindu wedding ceremony where the dhal's been spiked and Captain Kirk is leading the dancing. "Inspection", with Danny Red on guest vocals, drops lyrical chemicrazy scats over devilishly cool ragga-funk, while the neo junglist "Storm 3000" is Leftfield soundtracking inna city pressure, the bass so low your inners are rumbling, dub so hard your mind wobbles like an infinitely reverberating echo-chamber. Yup. Leftfield's planet if drums just keep spinning even further out of control. The "Open Up", the original version and still as inflammatory as ever, before the snarling elegy7 for anyone who's been dejected and rejected that is "21st Century Poem". That's Manchester's poet extraordinaire, Lemn Sissay that you can hear simmering bitter, twisted, buring with hope for better days. A stunning ending, and proof were needed, that Leftfield have never been about easy options or hollow fly-by glories. No "Leftism" is a collection destined to live with you as long as your heart beats.

So, an hour later, maybe, and after you've hollered, sweated, frugued, skanked, swooned, gasped, after all you've looked in, tripped out. darn gone dub-me crazy, after you've remembered just why Leftfield are always worth howling at the moon for , after you've knocked on stranger's doors in the middle of the night to force this album onto their stereo's you muse on this wonder called "Leftism". And you chastise yourself for ever doubting that Leftfield's debut would be anything less than a classic. What a relief - some things in life can always be relied upon.

It was the perfect end really, for the perfect year for the Leftfield boys. Anyone who ever questioned their work rate got all the answers they needed in 1995. After all, this was the year that their debut album "Leftism" was released, without fanfare or hype, and went straight into the charts at number 3. Within 12 weeks, it had gone gold, selling well over 100,000 copies. Feted not just in the deepest trenches of the underground, but by people who'd lost faith in the dance music's ability to be innovative,eclectic and constantly fresh no matter how many times you listened.
Jim chappell
Jim chappell
Since the independent release of his breakthrough solo piano collection Tender Ritual on the Unspeakable Freedom Music label, Jim has been acknowledged as one of contemporary music’s most engaging composers and performers. With 15 albums to his credit, Chappell has toured world-wide to sold out audiences, his concerts being filmed and nationally televised. Several of Jim’s albums have received heavy national and international airplay on Smooth Jazz format radio stations, with Chappell’s Over the Top making it to No. 1 on the national charts. Billboard Magazine states: “Chappell’s piano melodies are timeless, moving…captivating…” His music has been used on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Several Barbara Walters’ Specials, The Summer and Winter Olympic Games, MTV, One Life To Live, and the Drew Carey Show. Gold medal figure skater Brian Boitano skated to Jim’s beautiful piece “Gone” in a nationally televised Thanksgiving Day broadcast presentation. Chappell was the only music artist to perform at Robert DeNiro’s 50th birthday party, where he played solo piano to a hushed and enthusiastic audience of who’s who in the film industry. Reviews Hi, Jim, How do you do this.....evoke such pure emotive energy with a tender touch on the keys....heartstrings you pull in all of us? If all the tears of joy everyone cries while embracing your sweet music were to be put all together, it would be a pretty nice pool we could swim in! As it is, we float on the joyous current and feel reborn time and time again. Thank you for this, my friend. In the Spirit that holds us all.. -Sandra Dear Jim, "Something To Smile About" is another fantastic Piece from Your CD. Thanks for fabulous, delicious, marvelous, fantastic, beautiful piano music. Yours, -Henryk & Aneta Dear Jim, Thank you thank you THANK YOU for the wonderful autographed gift of your new CD. I received it last Monday and as per my normal ritual, must listen to it through entirely at least 8-10 times before I decide my favorites. And I do believe it is 'Rise'. What a joyful song - and the cover photo fits it perfectly. "Diamonds in Her Eyes' is one of your classic sounds - puts a lump in my throat for absolutely no reason except that it is such a beautiful song. Same with "A Longer Kiss". I would love to hear an arrangement of "Diamonds" similar to 'Mockingbird Days' with the guitar, chimes & sounds like strings. (synthesizer?) Next - and this one grew on me as it was not one of my favorites right off the bat - "Graduation". There's a part in there that is very similar to another one of your songs but I can't remember which one! And finally, "I Knew I'd Love You" - that's another one that would be breathtaking with a background arrangement. The melody is just captivating - and a bit sad too. Makes me wonder if the recipient of that love is loving in return. All in all, you never disappoint. I have to tell you, since I started listening to Pandora, I have been introduced to so many new piano artists. I have a "Jim Chappell" radio station, so all similar artists are played. There are a small handful whose CDs I have purchased. But, and I don't know whether it's because your music has been with me through so many different ups and downs of my life over the last 18 years or so, no other artist touches me the way your music does. Thank you Jim - you make me smile. -Peggy I got my advance "signed" copy of RISE on the 11th. of Sept. 2009. I was in absolute heaven. Jim's music is a work of Art. Thank you Jim for the wonderful work you put out. A loyal fan, for life. -Robert "This one has really helped me lighten up my state.. just what I needed to keep me up. Your music always reaches deep into one's soul and somehow created a beneficial effect to it. Thank you for sharing this Jim, seems you are a blessing. Kudos!" Marigold "Love it, I feel anticipation of change, renewal, a positive release, happiness, joy, revelation and then wonder." -Nora "Beautiful Jim I just loved it!!!!" -Debi Jim, I am listening to Gone... exquisite... beautiful... soothing... a gift!!! I posted it on my wall so that my friends can hear your music. You truly are one of my favorite composers and recording artists. I listen all the time to Rise... it keeps me feeling peaceful here at work. Thank you! -Elizabeth "Jim, I've have been listening to your music a lot lately and it has been wonderfully therapeutic for me. I've enjoyed reading the stories behind the music. You have turned what seemed to be bad days (seem to have a lot of those lately) into good days for me. I truly appreciate what it has done to uplift my spirit. Thank you for reaching my soul. You are an amazing pianist!!!!!" -Ruth "I think this is beautiful Jim! I also didn't expect it to have the affect it did on my friend. She has been having some troubles lately and I pulled together a play li

pure gold collection cd
pure gold collection cd
Best of Duets; the Pure Gold Collection
Best of Duets includes: 1. Endless Love by Lionel Richie & Diana Ross 2. Up Where We Belong by Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes 3. Don't Know Much by Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville 4. Can't We Try by Dan Hill with Vonda Sheppard 5. Reunited by Peaches & Herb 6. Baby, Come to me by Patti Austin with James Ingram 7. Too Much, Too Little, Too Late by Johnny Mathis & Deniece Williams 8. On My Own by Pati LaBelle & Michael MaDonald 9. Love Power by Dionne Warwick & Jeffrey Osborn 10. Solid by Ashford & Simpson 11. Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell 12. You Don't Have To Be A Star by Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr.

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