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  • Samsung Behold II SGH-T939, Samsung GT-I5500 Corby, Samsung GT-I5510 Apollo, Samsung GT-I9003 Galaxy SL, Samsung GT-S5570 Galaxy Mini, Samsung GT-S5670 Galaxy Fit, Samsung GT-S5830 Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy 5 GT-I5503, Samsung Galaxy Apollo GT-I5801, Samsung Galaxy GT i7500, Samsung Galaxy S
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samsung flip camera phones - Samsung M360
Samsung M360 Phone (Sprint)
Samsung M360 Phone (Sprint)
Keep in touch with friends and family with this mobile phone that features a 1.3MP digital camera for snapping still photos and up to 6.2 hours talk time for long-lasting use. Early Termination Fees will be prorated, starting at $200 and progressively reducing to $50 depending on the number of months remaining in your contract.

Designed for easy voice and text communications while on the go, the easily pocketable Samsung M360 flip phone for Sprint is a great choice for handling the basics of mobile communications while offering a fashionable look and extras like a 1.3-megapixel camera for still photos. It's Bluetooth-enabled for hands-free conversations and it includes a built-in speakerphone--allowing you to communicate any way you choose. You can easily keep the conversation going with threaded text messaging and record a voice memo for little reminders.

The Samsung M360 is designed for practical customers (or their impractical kids) who want a phone that just does the basics.
Key Features
Dual displays including internal color LCD (240 x 320 pixels, 262K color depth) and external STN screen (128 x 128 pixels, 65K colors) that shows incoming calls, battery life, signal strength, and more.
Standard alpha-numeric keypad
1.3-megapixel camera for still photos with digital zoom
Bluetooth connectivity includes profiles for communication headset and hands-free car kits.
SMS text messaging with threaded view showing you the full conversation for each contact in a chat-like interface. Never send a reply to the wrong person again. Organized conversations make it easy to go back and see the history of any conversation.
T9 predictive text entry
Web browsing with Google search
Organizer tools including calendar, alarm, tasks, and more
Airplane mode allows you to listen to music while the cellular connectivity is turned off
Bi-lingual interface (English and Spanish)
3.5mm headset jack
Mobile Sync allows you to restore your contact information quickly and easily if your phone is ever lost, stolen, damaged, or replaced (additional charges applicable).
TTY compatible
Hearing Aid Compatibility = M4/T4
Vital Statistics

The Samsung M360 weighs 3.6 ounces and measures 3.9 x 1.9 x 0.7 inches. Its 1000 mAh lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 6.2 hours of talk time, and up to 250 hours (10.5 days) of standby time. It runs on the 800/1900 CDMA frequencies; 1xRTT Voice & Data capable.
What's in the Box

Samsung M360 handset, rechargeable battery, charger, quick start guide
Sprint Services
Sprint PCS Vision gives you instant access to amazing things you will really use, every day. You'll enjoy advanced wireless services, like web access, email and text messaging that is easy to learn and use anytime. Plus, with the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network you get the nationwide coverage and voice clarity you've come to expect from Sprint.
Sprint Family Locator: Locate family members anytime, anywhere from your phone or the Web without disturbing their activities. With Family Locator, you can locate your kids with interactive mapping, automatic Safety Check and a secure texting feature.

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PhoneCam testing... I have a new 4-band phone for europe... my first phone with a camera. Sitting in the audience at Illuminations performance at the Seaholm Power Plant in Austin Texas. I spent a week there last month doing the lighting load in. I was a "good" audience member and didn't sneak any photos during the performance itself. Update: Returned the Nokia due to a software glitch and the inability to complete the provider "unlock" sequence for European frequencies. I now have a Samsung SYNC vs, and although I like the general interface less than the nokia, the camera is a bit nicer. (Except it won't take pictures with the flip closed... not so good news for tossing).

samsung flip camera phones
samsung flip camera phones
Samsung S3600i Unlocked Quad-Band Phone with 1.3 MP Camera, Bluetooth, FM Radio and microSD card slot--International Version with Warranty (Silver)
The Samsung S3600i is a follow-up phone with improved UI over its predecessor Samsung S3600, offers a stunning impression at first sight. The use of premium brushed metal highlights the sleek and polished design. The look is effortless thanks to the subtlety of the finest details and streamlined form. Opening the mobile reveals a large glossy screen and ergonomic keypad for easy access to a full range of features that satisfy your communication, multimedia, connectivity, and security needs. You will appreciate the impact this mobile makes with just its appearance. The luxurious brushed metal, streamlined form and modern profile evoke a look of chic sophistication that stylish users identify with. Create your own theme on your phone to suit your individual style.

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