Low Pro Camera Bag

low pro camera bag
    camera bag
  • an adaptation of bags used to carry photographic equipment. Todays camera bags are rectangular with many additional zippered outside compartments.
  • A state of depression or low spirits
  • in a low position; near the ground; "the branches hung low"
  • A particularly bad or difficult moment
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MacBook Pro 12 months later
MacBook Pro 12 months later
Can't believe I've had this Mac for just over a year! Good and bad times had :) So quick round up of my thoughts on this laptop. Good: - Display; just brilliant, great contrast/colours, bright and clear etc. just great! - Keyboard; amazing, seriously, the best keyboard I've ever used by far. - Multitouch trackpad; big, accurate, perfect texture, gestures can be useful - especially when browsing the web. - Build quality/durability; solid as a rock, no keyboard flex, not a single scratch to be seen after a year of slipping in and out of a bag. - iSight Webcam; works well in low light unlike other webcams and compact cameras i've used in the past. - Speakers; pack a decent punch for laptop speakers. - WiFi; maybe a fairly insignificant thing to mention, but i always get a strong signal with Airport. Laptops I've used in the past and more recently don't come close. - Upgradability; hard drive easy to access, while having to remove 8 screws for the memory is a pain, it's still easier than other laptops on the market (e.g. those that require you to remove the keyboard for memory upgrades) - Apple Care; bloody fantastic. They're fast, motherboard replaced in a day, battery swapped on the spot. Very understanding, helpful staff at the stores. - Performance; Core 2 Duo is great, DDR3 is plenty fast and 9400M is surprisingly good for an IGP. - Battery life; a solid 4 to 5 hours under light load is pretty respectable. Bad: - Windows support; i understand this isn't Apple's top priority, but is it too much to ask for decent trackpad drivers? Also, where is the 9400M driver? 9600GT kills the battery in no time. - Heat; it can become unbearably hot under a fair load, especially when using the 9600GT or in Windows where, again, Apple's drivers cause issues. - Expansion/ports; I thought i could manage with the lack of USB ports, but it's proven to be a real pain. The use of mini-displayport is also irritating, no excuse for it. - Headphone jack; some headphones are not secure in the socket, the slightest nudge of the cable can break the connection, sending audio out of the speakers. Very annoying if you're in public. - Bugs; There is a screen flickering issue in OS X, it doesn't seem to have a clear cause, at random points while using the machine I get a screen flicker. Not a big issue but i expected it to be sorted by now. - Keyboard Wear; It looks quite frankly, a mess. Signs of wear appeared a few months in, the keys have started to lose the matte look. Hardware failures: Nvidia 9400M; after around 2 months of use, the Nvidia 9400M chipset failed. I won't go into too much detail on this one, but it's worth noting as it's not an isolated case. Many 8000/9000 series chips from Nvidia have a manufacturing defect which will cause them to fail. I should say, however, that it appears to have been resolved with current chips. Battery; after around 10 months of use the battery degraded significantly and eventually failed all together. Not a big deal really, it happens. Optical drive; refused to read discs, the drive was replaced under Apple Care. Wait, i should really have a blog for this lol Any recommendations for a blog service? Don't think i'd use it too often but posting this on flickr is just silly :)
New Bag Filled!
New Bag Filled!
And here's the new bag already full. The one open slot at lower left will be for a 18-125mm lens I got on eBay for $150. Not a high quality lens, but fills a gap in my line that's useful at receptions. I've included a full-grown cat for perspective's sake Okay, she was just sleeping next to it and was unhappy that I was taking pictures of her sleeping.

low pro camera bag
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