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Early Childhood Education

Our Lady of the Assumption’s Pre-K Mission

Our Lady of the Assumption (OLA) welcomes New York City’s “Pre-K For All” (UPK) Program as first steps in preparing students with strong foundational skills needed in Early Childhood Education. The program’s Creative Curriculum utilizes high quality programming and readiness goals that are aligned with the common core.

A vital part of our mission is “Pre-K For All” (UPK) staff curriculum planning and collaboration to ensure our readiness goals are attained as well as family engagement, formative feedback and regular parent classroom meetings.

The program is truly an incredible start for your child’s academic career.


Our Lady of the Assumption’s “Pre-K For All” (UPK) Curriculum

The curriculum utilized for our Pre-Kindergarten Program is the Creative Curriculum. The Creative Curriculum is based on 38 objectives for development and learning, which are fully aligned with early learning standards for every state.

The teacher will present to students concrete units of study such as balls, clothing, etc. thought the school year. Each unit will last approximately four to six weeks, in which students will be immersed in the topic throughout each aspect of the day, including circle time, centers, gross motor and story time. This will ensure greater student understanding and retention of the topic.

The Creative Curriculum presents knowledge building volumes that focus on different themes and daily practice resources. This assists the teachers and students as they actively engage in higher order thinking and more critical thinking through meaningful activities. Students are provided with opportunities to investigate the “how”, “what”, and “why” questions through discussions, center-based activities, environment/community studies, experiments and investigations.

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