Welcome to 12:21 - 12 tools for 21st Century teaching. This course will help you explore a dozen free Web 2.0 applications that can enhance your teaching. Not every one of these tools will apply to everyone's classroom. But we hope you'll discover at least one that will engage you, your students and your key content in new ways.

Each module will allow you to learn at your own pace. Some will take longer than others to work through; we will work in flexible groups to help one another get the most out of the learning in the time we have together. Of course, continuing to practice with the applications beyond our class time will help you become more comfortable with them.

You will keep a record of your explorations as the main means of assessment. That record will be in the form of a blog. For each session you will blog about your discoveries, noting new learnings, ideas for use in your classroom, and questions you have. We'll share our blogs with one another and comment on each others' thoughts.

Use the Tools sidebar at the right to get around the course site. We'll work through the modules in the order in which they occur in the list.

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