The Briefest of Introductions

This workshop's grand intent is to introduce you to twelve online tools that can help you teach students that have regular access to Internet connected computers. This is not a "how to" workshop; rather it's a "what to" one. Hopefully you will get a good look at one or two ideas that look like good fits for your work with students. Once you have a good idea "what to" pursue, you'll be motivated to learn "how to" do it well.

Time is short and the topic is huge, so you'll need to use good notetaking and organizing skills. Be sure to Bookmark any sites that look even remotely interesting to you so you can come back and investigate them fully when you have more time.

Part 1 - The Tools - five minutes each, barely enough time to explain where the name comes from. (Delicious? VoiceThread? RSS?)
Part 2 - Basic Resources - pointers to more on every tool.
Part 3 - Advanced Resources - much more on every tool.

Three hours....twelve time to waste!