Commercial Napkin Holders - Standard Napkin Size - Diner Portable Placemat.

Commercial Napkin Holders

commercial napkin holders
    napkin holders
  • A napkin holder is a device used to hold napkins. A napkin holder can be made from virtually any solid material and is built so that the napkins do not slip from its hold, either by way of sandwiching them between two surfaces, or simply enclosing them on their sides in a horizontal design.
  • connected with or engaged in or sponsored by or used in commerce or commercial enterprises; "commercial trucker"; "commercial TV"; "commercial diamonds"
  • a commercially sponsored ad on radio or television
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Waiting to be served
Waiting to be served
The crystal is out, the silver is set, the jingle bell napkin holder is in place; now all that's needed for the holiday dinner party is the food. Silver Storm, our big Maine Coon, demonstrates that he can be patient. While this may look like a scene from a Fancy Feast catfood commercial, it was acutally Silver sneaking up to the table while we were getting ready for a Christmas Eve party last year. December 24, 2008.
Commercial Whaling in Iceland © Arni Torfason

commercial napkin holders
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