Dark make up ideas : Smokey eye makeup for brown eyes.

Dark Make Up Ideas

dark make up ideas
    make up
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dark make up ideas - Glow in
Glow in the Dark Body Art Makeup Pencil (Set of 4)
Glow in the Dark Body Art Makeup Pencil (Set of 4)
Glow in the Dark Fine Tip Makeup Pencil. This unique glow in the dark make up applies flawlessly so you can blend and feather it in just like normal make up! Glow in the Dark Body Art Makeup is perfect for the face or body and makes a great eye liner and can also be used to accent cheeks, lips or eyebrows. Try using Glow in the Dark Body Art Makeup to draw on your face or feel free to use it any were on your body to add an unusual touch of glow to your night time festivities. Perfect for parties, clubs, raves or any night time activity! Glow in the Dark Body Art Makeup are also UV reactive so they will glow super bright under black lights. To use Glow in the Dark Body Art Makeup, simply apply it to your skin and expose to briefly to light. After Glow in the Dark Body Art Makeup is exposed to light you are ready to glow! Glow in the Dark Body Art Makeup applies clear so it is nearly invisible in the light yet glows bright at night! This kit comes complete with 4 sticks of makeup. Each stick contains a total of .24 oz of make up, just use a makeup sharpener and use it again and again!

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Explore and Front page :D Thank you! 5/52 - Smoke First of all the smoke is NOT edit in the picture. I actually can do things without editing :D So about a 100 tries for this. But was still so much fun doing this. I really want to do new things. I am happy with the result. I put make-up on for that...even if you can't really see it. I am kinda wanted to create like a sweeney todd look...I know I failed at that but I still hope you like it :D Oh and I don't smoked cigarettes or any other drug for that. I burned a blowrag and than inhaled it. Not the best taste in the world but I survived it :D
Eydís - in the moment
Eydís - in the moment
I took this in the public swimming pool after my make up class, where girls from another school learning hairdressing did the hair and my class did the make up =) I wanted something different so I made the make up kinda dark and when I was doing her make up I had an idea to take the shots in the pool =) My camera, Eydis and the pool =) Make up - ME Hair - Rakel Model - Eydis photography - ME

dark make up ideas
dark make up ideas
Black Light Reactive Neon Makeup with Black Light Pendant (Yellow)
This awesome UV make up kit allows you to add neon flare to your boring every day make up. Not only dose this high quality makeup add great neon effect in the day or night, but it also fluoresces super bright when exposed to UV light. This kit comes with neon make up and a blacklight necklace that you can use to activate the make up at any time. Use this makeup for small details or accents as you would use eye line or eye shadow or go all out and use it any where you desire. Whether you are looking for a slight accent to you everyday make up or full UV reactive face make up this set has you covered. The LED UV pendent easily and stylishly hands around you neck so you can use it any time.