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The Prism Weight Loss Program

the prism weight loss program
    weight loss
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Sun shining through a prism on the kitchen window sill. I then caught it on a piece of white paper. I just had to play with it ;-)
Prism White
Prism White
Prism on a white background taken with a Pentax 50mm f/1.7 lens and extension tube

the prism weight loss program
the prism weight loss program
Light Crystal Prism
Learn how to split a beam of light into a multicolored rainbow or look through the top beveled edge to reflect images into wonderful kaleidoscopic patterns. This acrylic prism comes complete with black base and complete instructions.

Features include:

•Comes with a removable black base and instructions
•Measures 4" tall
•Recommened Age 5 thru adult

What are rainbows made of? Kids can learn about them with this Light Crystal Prism. When they hold the prism up to sunlight, they'll discover how white light gets refracted into the whole spectrum of separate colors. They can also create their own kaleidoscope using colorful cardboard cutouts and the provided instructions. Made of hard clear plastic, the 4.5-inch prism comes with a hexagonal display stand. In addition, a package insert describes the science of light refraction and reflection in language that's easy to understand. --Joan DeClaire

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