Clean Up My Music Library

clean up my music library
    music library
  • A music library contains music-related materials for patron use. Collections may also include non-print materials, such as digitized music scores or audio recordings. Use of such materials may be limited to specific patron groups, especially in private academic institutions.
  • Music collections in Bobst are distributed between the stacks and Avery Fisher Center. The general music collection is located on the second floor. Music Reference is in the lounge of the 2nd floor. There are also music reference books in REF1. Certain other reference materials (e.g.
    clean up
  • An act of making a place clean or tidy
  • An act of removing or putting an end to disorder, immorality, or crime
  • dispose of; "settle the bills"
  • make a big profit; often in a short period of time; "The investor really cleaned up when the stock market went up"
  • The fourth position in a team's batting order, typically reserved for a power hitter likely to clear the bases by enabling any runners to score
  • tidy: put (things or places) in order; "Tidy up your room!"
clean up my music library - Creative Sound
Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit External - Sound card - 24-bit - 96 kHz - 5.1 - USB
Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit External - Sound card - 24-bit - 96 kHz - 5.1 - USB
This ultra-affordable upgrade allows you to start enjoying an audio experience and quality thats not possible with basic on-board audio thanks to 24-Bit ADVANCED HD and EAX ADVANCED HD technologies. Your music will never have sounded better and youll even be able to convert your old tapes or vinyl to digital audio. Finally your games will come alive while youre also immersed in 5.1 surround sound. All this in a simple USB solution that installs in a snap!

Billed as the easiest way to upgrade from basic built-in PC sound to home-theater audio, Creative's USB SoundBlaster Live! 24-bit external sound card is an affordable stand-alone audio interface for your PC that hooks up to your computer via a single, simple USB 1.1 connection (cable supplied). The card offers analog inputs for a microphone and an audio component (CD player, DVD player, etc.) and outputs including optical and coaxial digital-audio jacks and a trio of minijack analog audio outs that you can use with 5.1-channel surround-sound speaker systems. Your music and games will never be the same.
Now you can create MP3s from your CDs easier than ever and digitize your old cassettes and LP records, cleaning up the sound as you do so using Creative's supplied software. (Be aware, however, that LP record playback requires, in addition to a turntable and cartridge, an outboard phono stage or an integrated amplifier equipped with a phono preamplifier; the USB SoundBlaster Live! accepts only line-level analog inputs.)
The unit's onboard 24-bit Advanced HD and EAX Advanced HD technologies encode and decode (record and play back) audio at up to 24-bit, 96 kHz resolution, though you must disable realtime audio monitoring at the highest settings due to limitations in the USB 1.1 data-throughput spec.
Creative Multi Speaker Surround (CMSS) multispeaker technology lets you "upmix" stereo sources to 5.1-channel surround sound. The software includes a professional-quality panning and mixing algorithm, front and rear balance controls, muting, and panning control for mixer sources.
Realistic EAX reverb, panning, and elevation effects bring your music and games to life. The kit also includes advanced time-scaling (which allows variable playback duration without altering the pitch of your original content), an audio clean-up feature (which removes noise and clicks from playback of vinyl disk or cassette recordings), bass boost, smart volume management, and a multi-band graphic equalizer.
Use of the sound card is as simple as plugging it into any available USB port: there's no power adapter required. The card has an infrared receiver for use with an optional Creative remote control, which will let you operate your computer from the comfort of your sofa or bed, at a distance of up to 13 feet.
What's in the Box
USB SoundBlaster Live! 24-bit external sound card, a USB cable, a quick-start guide, and an Installation CD (containing drivers for Windows XP, SP1, and 2000, SP4; Creative Software Applications Suite; and a user's guide).

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IMG 9642 - Day Is Done - A New Beginning . . .
IMG 9642 - Day Is Done - A New Beginning . . .
I am referring to the 20 deaths that have been recorded in the recent Queensland, Australia, floods, that have occupied me for the past two weeks. I have been given breaks of the forever on-going "breaking news" of this incredible disaster by viewing the 20-20 cricekt between Australia and England, both men and women, and this has provided an escape mechanism for me. To be bombarded with this sad and devastating news for the past two weeks has been numbing for me to say the least. As I see the news bulletins rolling along, I find myself shaking my head in absolute belief at what I am seeing and hearing from the news reader and by my visual observance. I am one of the lucky ones. I did not lose anything at all. I feel both Rosey and I have much to thank our Lord God for. Gympie, where we live, was spared the worst of it because we did not have inches of rain falling in the catchment areas that many other places had. Yes, we had flooding here and I felt very sorry for the people concerned having to move out their wares from their various shops in Mary Street, the CBD of Gympie, and thankfully, only the lower part was flooded. The town here had warning, and had 2 days in which to remove items from their shops before the water rose to flood inside. Some shops were covered to the eaves, some half way up their walls. Luckily they managed to move out their stock. We are the guests of a lovely couple until we can find a home - they have said we can stay as long as we want so we are now paying them rent which is a good way to go and they are happy with this. Rosey had applied for a few picking jobs in places such as Mundubbera, and west of Rockhampton, Theodore, a little place, and many of these places have been flooded and recovering. We could have been out there and for one reason or another our ways were blocked constantly so here we are. The nearest the water came to us was 30 feet away and 3 metres below the place we are in. The water stayed around for around a week. This little township was cut in half by the floods. The main highway between Brisbane and up north was also cut for over a week and all is now back to normal as far as transport goes. To see the ruined items lying on the side of the road in Brisbane where whole households have been cleaned out and dumped, the awesome power of volunteering people who rallied to the call and gave of their time to help many people they did not know. Many stories have emerged of total strangers who have stopped to lend a hand. And now the clean-up is under way, the filth of mud invading anything and everything - whole households decimated by water and the items now lying in sodden heaps on the roadside, with armies of people and trucks endeavouring to attack the stinking mass to clean this up and to make the areas safe. The incredible heroism of the armed forces flying their helicopters into horrendous conditions and storms, plucking people off roof tops and carrying them to safety. In places like Grantham where the rush of water has been described as an inland tsunami and I witnessed those pictures on television a while ago now, and to see similar happenings here defies words. Whole houses removed off their foundations and totally wrecked, people missing, one man being found 86 kilometres from where he went missing is absolutely incredible!!!! Children, unfortunately, being part of the missing, stock drowning, crops ruined, and tonight a ray of hope where a mob of cattle were last seen at the bottom of the paddock and the owner thought they were lost, and then a day or two later, they came trotting back up the driveway. To see the pain on the faces of people who have lost loved ones, of the elderly who have lost their possessions, of the long-term plan of rebuilding, which will take upwards of two years is beyond my imagination certainly. Please offer your prayers and thanks to our Lord God for His sparing of many lives. Yes, some did die and maybe their time was up and there ain't no words to say there, except a thanks to the ones who have survived to live another day in this beautiful world!!! Australia is so vast - sometimes a flood in the northern part of Australia will take 3 months to travel the river system to its end. That I find difficult to understand and yet I am an Aussie through and through, a lover of this beautiful and raw country also!!! And now we are seeing flooding happening in New South Wales, Victoria (the worst in 200 years) and in Tasmania also. And also in other parts of the world, such as Brazil and the horrendous mud slides there and the desecration and death that has occurred there, in Sri Lanka and the Philippines with flooding. The list goes on. Thankfully we are safe here, enjoying and loving life for what it has to offer. Yes, together with the owner of this house we went to a friend's business and helped him clean out the first metre of his shop - the flood was not predicted to go higher than this - and another friend
my head often spills out onto paper without my noticing
my head often spills out onto paper without my noticing
sometimes your heart just needs to get away. every once and a while i lie in my deep bed at night with the stars wrapped around my face, i feel the coldness of the sheets fluttering across my knees and i hear my light, lifting, deep breaths. and i lie there and i think about everything. really, everything. just one of those nights full of thoughts about every place youve ever been, and every place youre going to go, and all the people youve loved, and all the people you havent, and all the questions that sink deeper and deeper into your mind as you wander purposefully, yet quite aimlessly through your day. ive been laughing lately with a friend when we talk about the way our heads process a day in its entirety. i sit through the whole day and as im talking and learning and laughing and living, in its most simplistic sense, i have about a million and three thoughts spilling through my head and filtering through my heart. i feel as if, really, im just one big library. the kind where its so tall with books that you have to have one of those skinny, squeaky ladders to roll up and down as you remove each book. constantly a thousand pages of information are flashing through the eyes of my mind. im analyzing, and deciphering, and remembering, and processing, and pondering each thought that the day brings. there are more books in my head then the library of congress. but then, in reality my head isnt a library. libraries are neat and quiet and clean. but my head, oh my head is certainly not such a place. the pages are spilling over into the isles, books are left stacked up in the hallways where there was no time to get through them all, pages are ripped out of certain books and placed in others. everything is always connecting, falling a little more into place, a little more into a an all encompassing wave of understanding. but even as things fall into place, it feels like that only makes more fall out of place. so very out of place. although im finding thats the beauty in it. this realizing, and understanding, and letting it flow into the right corners of your heart. only to chase after it again, to come back with a new page in the book, a thicker book, with better chapters that make even more sense. this falling into place, and this chasing is what makes up these days of life i understand. not the external, aesthetic life, but the deep down in your soul, in the tangle of your head, ...kind of life. im hoping to "live my way into the answers", like maria rilke. yes, thats what im going to going to live my way into the answers.

clean up my music library
clean up my music library
Most Wanted
Hilary Duff stares off the cover of Most Wanted with the look of a doe-eyed, feathered-haired criminal. Or maybe she's just exhausted, which would explain why she revisits so much already-released material. Three of the teen queen's biggest, brightest hits ("Come Clean," "Rock This World," and "Why Not") get the remix treatment. Impossible though it seems, each remix is still zippier than the original. Perennial fave "So Yesterday" is squished between the hard-rockin', deeply satisfying "Mr. James Dean" from 2004's Hilary Duff and the too-girlie-for-its-own-good "Metamorphosis" from the same-named 2003 disc. There are three originals including opener "Wake Up", a slightly self-pitying look inside the celebrity glass bubble, but to a great beat, the danceable "Beat of my Heart," and emo-esque "Break My Heart." The burning question of whether it's worth it to buy this record based on the inarguably good remixes and three original tracks will be dictated by how severe her fan base's withdrawal symptoms are. If magazine covers bear any relation to the old practice of plastering a town with "wanted" posters, odds are Duff's zillions of fans will not only find this disc but help her deliver on its smart title's promise. --Tammy La Gorce

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