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Girl Toys Age 6

girl toys age 6
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223 366 - Secret number 12: I love love love hair!
223 366 - Secret number 12: I love love love hair!
Give me a Girl's World, that Playdoh barber's set or a willing child and I will plait, crimp, curl, straighten, dye, perm, chop, wax, gel, mouse, lacquer, bead, braid, quiff, twist, shave brush till the cows come home. There really aren't many styles I haven't had and I'll happily change it every 6 weeks - thanks to my fabulous friend and hairdresser [efi, i love you!]. However, I decided at a very young age that hairdressing wasn't the job for me because: a) i can't stand touching peoples hair unless i know them [yuk, dandruff, nits, lice, scabs etc] b) I can't make small talk with people unless I want to and c) there's sod all money in it. Hence, I studied marine biology...ha ha, and now i earn millions! Perhaps not. Am not overly happy with this shot, it definately looked a lot better in my head but hey ho i've not had much time and I dropped my camera today and broke a filter and now my nifty fifty isn't working properly. Still, means I can get the 1.4... tee hee silver lining and all that. AND, my wide angle should be arriving tomorrow. Am so so excited, a new toy!
High School Musical on Ice was excellent!
High School Musical on Ice was excellent!
For Maggie's 11th birthday, I got tickets for "High School Musical on Ice" It was especially meaningful for me to take her & Bets. See, the last time I went to a show on Ice was with their older siblings Kate & Jack. It was 1997 & my friend Beth (their Mom) was hoping to go into labor with Maggie. I had the tickets to "Toy Story on Ice" and she had the castor oil. Off I went with Kate age 6 & Jack almost 4 (plus Annie their teenage cousin ... I was too nervous to take the kids to Boston on my own). We had a great time. However, the castor oil did not work that Wednesday. Instead Maggie was born a few days later on Saturday night during a full moon. Betsy put the ticket stub from "High School Musical" in her scrapbook with a sticker that says "What a night!" Then she wrote "I slept over Sherries!!!"

girl toys age 6
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