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in St. Albans, Radlett, Harpenden, Oxford, Hampstead, St. John's Wood and Belsize Park.

      • Is your child working towards the 7+, 11+, 13+ or Common Entrance Exam?

      • Are there specific areas of the curriculum in which your child is weak and which are not being addressed?

      • Would you like specialised private tuition in your own home?

With significantly increased competition to secure places in the top performing public schools, it is important to start as early as possible so that your child is given the best chance of winning the privilege to attend one of these schools. So many children are tutored nowadays, thus further increasing competition, and unless your child is naturally brilliant, then some form of familiarisation for these exams is an absolute must. GAIN A QUALITY EDUCATION.

Learn from a specialist, entrance exam tutor with immeasurable experience, expertise and insights and exclusive knowledge of the private school system - someone who is passionate about achieving the best possible results for the students.


Private 1:1 tutoring will greatly improve your child's chance of passing the Common Entrance Exams for the elite public schools. These are not exams which can be passed by reaching the KS2 national curriculum standard, nor are the exams uniform for all schools. Entrance requirements and subject examinations for entrance to top schools in the UK can vary from school to school. Moreover, the exams are marked individually by many of the schools which set their own specific entry standards.

With a 100% success rate in helping students with their 7+, 11+ and 13+ entrance exams to some of the UK's leading state schools and top 20 independent schools, I have an excellent and enviable track record of helping pupils to successfully win places (most with scholarships) at prestigious schools such as Westminster, Winchester, St. Paul’s School, St. Paul's Girls' School, Eton College, Wycombe Abbey School, North London Collegiate, City of London School, Henrietta Barnett, Queen Elizabeth's School, South Hampstead, Latymer, Magdalen College School, Oxford High School, Haberdasher's Aske's Boys' School, Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls, Merchant Taylors' School, Radley College, St Albans School and St Albans High School for Girls.

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