Welcome! Kaimuki High School Summer School

Summer School 2018

Online Registration is Open:
Please visit our FAQ page here: http://bit.ly/2GaHulG
Course List: https://goo.gl/jvjdNT
McKinley Students: You may need to log out of your McKinley Google Account to view the course list.

TENTATIVE DATES: June 5, 2018 through July 10, 2018
Holidays Observed: King Kamehameha Day (Mon, 6/11) and 4th of July (Wed, 7/4) Instructional hours 8:00 am - 1:30 pm

Kaimuki High School MAP  https://goo.gl/stF8I3

Cost of Courses
  • $190 for a full credit
  • $95 for a half a credit.
Acceptable Payment Types 
CASH, Cashier’s Check, Alu Like Voucher, or Money Order made out to: Kaimuki High School. NO PERSONAL CHECKS

Disclaimer: Classes will be cancelled if not enough students are enrolled.  

Please email if you would like to make changes or would like to cancel your reservation.  Changes will be made based on course availability.

Question: Are the classes open to all students? My son goes to XYZ High School. Will the credit be transferable to XYZ High School?
Answer: Yes.  Kaimuki High School Summer School is open to all Hawaii students.
The credit will transfer to Hawaii DOE XYZ High School. 

Question: Does my child need to physically attend the online summer courses?
AnswerStudents are required to physically attend the online courses on campus.  However, once students complete the course, they are exited from the program and receive credit.

There are four components to the online courses: 
1. Lessons
2. Projects
3. Quizzes
4. Tests

Students are required to be physically present for the quizzes and tests. However, students can complete the lessons and projects at home. Generally, summer students do not log in after school hours.  We highly encourage students to complete everything while physically present on campus.

Generally, students take 120 hours/credit.  Some students complete the credit course in less amount of time, some students take longer.

Question: My daughter is an 8th grader at XYZ Middle School and will be attending ABC high school next year.  Will she be able to take summer school at Kaimuki High School?
Answer: Yes.  Credits from Kaimuki High School will transfer to Hawaii DOE public ABC high school.

Another option for Summer School is Hawaii DOE eSchool, which is separate from KHS Summer School. Online Registration Begins: Monday, April 30 at 8:30 a.m. Online Registration Ends: Wednesday, May 16 at 2:30 p.m.