Motorized exterior window shades - Drapery curtain rings

Motorized Exterior Window Shades

motorized exterior window shades
    exterior window
  • is the outermost window, the one exposed to the outside air or elements.
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motorized exterior window shades - Freud 99-051
Freud 99-051 1-11/32-Inch Window Sash Stile Router Bit
Freud 99-051 1-11/32-Inch Window Sash Stile Router Bit
Two bits work together to produce a complete divided lite sash.99-050 copes the rails, sash bars and muntins.99-051 cuts the profile on all components.Instruction manual included. Application: Cuts all composition materials, plywood, hardwood and soft wood.Use on table-mounted portable routers.

The Freud Difference
Freud manufactures some of the most innovative, technologically advanced woodworking tools and accessories in the world. To ensure that the highest quality products meet the toughest design standards, Freud owns and operates six manufacturing facilities in Western Europe. Freud is one of the few manufacturers of woodworking tools in the world that produces its own MicroGrain carbide with titanium, called TiCo -- a combination of titanium and cobalt. Freud develops different types of carbide for each application to maximize the cutting life and performance of the tool; and Freud also operates one of the most modern product development research centers in Europe. By overseeing the entire manufacturing process from start to finish, Freud guarantees some of the highest quality, most advanced products in the industry.
About Freud's Industrial Bits
Serious woodworkers choose serious accessories. They choose Freud. The Freud name equals quality, precision and craftsmanship. Freud router bits feature TiCo Hi-Density Carbide for maximum cutting life and are individually balanced; providing a cut above the rest. When you’re looking for a serious router bit, look for Freud red.
About this Window Sash Stile Router Bit
The Freud 1-11/32-inch window sash stile router bit cuts a profile and rabbet in the stiles, rails and muntin of a window sash. This bit works with the 99-050 window sash rail end bit to produce a complete divided light window sash. Designed for use on table-mounted portable routers, this bit is precision-ground for the smoothest cuts, and it cuts through all composition materials, plywood, hardwood and soft wood.
Use this bit in tandem with the 99-050 window sash rail end bit. It cuts all composition materials, plywood, hardwoods, and softwoods. Use it with your table-mounted portable router.
Key Tech Specs:

Overall diameter: 1-11/32-inch
Bearing diameter: 22mm
Carbide height: 1-25/64-inch
Minor height: 17/32-inch
Large radius: 1/4-inch
Shank diameter: 1/2-inch
Overall length: 3-7/16-inch
This router bit is covered by Freud's limited lifetime warranty.

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Axumite Window Detail, Bet Emmanuel, Lalibela, Ethiopia
Axumite Window Detail, Bet Emmanuel, Lalibela, Ethiopia
Like windows in other 13th century rock-hewn churches at Lalibela, this window resembles the top of an Axumite obelisk. This window offers a particularly good example of the fascinating asymmetric detail found in the ledges on each side of the opening. This detail is found on exterior windows and on the capitals and pilasters inside many of the churches in Lalibela, though seldom as well-preserved and precisely executed as in the window shown above. The cropped version of this photo below shows the asymmetric design in greater detail. Conventional wisdom holds that some of the details carved into stone buildings mirror the separate structural components of earlier edifices built from different types of materials. For example, the cube-shaped details below the window at the top of the frame might represent the wooden support beams from an earlier generation of structures. In Bet Emmanuel, which is carved from solid rock, the cubes are part of the material that forms the entire church. What I don't know, and what I'm hoping a viewer can answer, is whether the asymmetric ledges are: 1. vestiges of a former construction method; 2. vestiges of a structural element that once had a function; or 3. purely aesthetic or symbolic. If the asymmetry is symbolic, what does it mean? If the differences between the ledges reflect a past function, what was that function? And, if the asymmetry reflects former construction methods, what were they? ==================================================================== According to the Bradt Guide Ethiopia by Phillip Briggs (4th ed., November 2005), "Bet Emmanuel is a 12m-high [39' 4"] monolith - the only church of this type in the southeast cluster - and it is considered by art historians to be the finest and most precisely worked church in Lalibela, possibly because it was the private church of the royal family." "The exterior of the church imitates the classical Axumite wood-and-stone built-up church typified by Yemrehanna Kristos outside Lalibela. An ornamental frieze of blind windows dominates the church's interior."
Window Wizard 4 Panel Exterior Window Cleaning
Window Wizard 4 Panel Exterior Window Cleaning
Window Wizard, a locally developed, owned and operated service company with "franchise appearance and professionalism," has become the foremost name in residential window and blind cleaning in Idaho's Treasure Valley including: Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Nampa, Caldwell, Star, Middleton and Emmett since 1988. Window Wizard is the Treasure Valley innovator of our value laden, spray service delivery system providing your windows with the most thorough cleaning your window glass has ever received, safely and effectively! Because of our specialized processed solution, the windows are left to “air-dry”, leaving your windows with that perfect look of transparency! Completely safe for windows, pets, plants and residents, the system delivers more dollar for dollar value than any window cleaning method around! It’s like putting your windows through a super efficient dish washer!

motorized exterior window shades