Canopy Racks

canopy racks
  • cover with a canopy
  • Cover or provide with a canopy
  • the transparent covering of an aircraft cockpit
  • the umbrellalike part of a parachute that fills with air
  • (rack) rib section of a forequarter of veal or pork or especially lamb or mutton
  • A mass of high, thick, fast-moving clouds
  • (rack) framework for holding objects
  • (rack) single-foot: go at a rack; "the horses single-footed"
canopy racks - US Rack
US Rack 20021R Short Beds Canopy Rack
US Rack 20021R Short Beds Canopy Rack
Roof-mounted Cargo Rack for caps and camper shells. Two universal models of racks for pickups fit short bed and long bed caps. Although the feet mount permanently to the roof of the camper shell, the body of the truck rack can be removed or re-mounted in 5 minutes. Features The Canopy Rack is designed for pickup owners who have toppers on their truck beds and who carry loads up to 250 pounds It will fit canopies with a generally flat roof of any width which measures at least 52 inches long Some curvature is fine, but roofs with skylights or humps will not work with this rack Its mounting feet are adjustable so it will fit toppers of any width Sturdy side rails contain cargo and metal loops integrated into the rails make tying cargo down easy Rack carries cargo up to 4 feet wide Most components are 1" square 16 gauge steel Side rails prevent loads from sliding off sides and metal loops integrated into the rails make tieing cargo down easier Maximum load capacity is limited to strength of topper or a maximum distributed load of up to 250 pounds, whichever is less Some drilling is required to attach the mounting feet, but the main part of the rack may be removed in less than 5 minutes Rubbery gasket pads under mounting feet resist leakage into canopy US Rack provides one year warranty against all structural defects US Rack Fit List

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Solar Bike Rack
Solar Bike Rack
Solar Bike Tree The Solar Bike Tree is functional art. Part sculpture, part bike rack, the tree has motion-detected, solar powered lights in the treetop. A “nest” houses the battery and electrical components. Up to 15 bikes can be parked at the tree: 12 in the root “racks” around the base; three more can be hung from the tree trunk. The Bike Tree is sited at Science World, close to the 2010 Olympics Athletes' Village. It sits at the confluence of three major cycle paths, including the city's premiere Central Valley Greenway. The Solar Bike Tree replaces a street lamp at the end of an arc of large trees in planters, becoming one of the “trees” in effect. The round hoops of the tree’s canopy echo the spherical shape of Science World. BC Hydro funded the solar component of the piece and Webster Solar Energy was the solar consultant. Artist Statement: Bike racks typically don't beautify outdoor spaces, they are merely functional and are often seen to just take up space. The Solar Bike Tree turns a bike rack into a work of art, making it cool to ride and park your bike and perhaps more desirable to have a bike rack in front of businesses or in public spaces. By turning a bike rack into a sculpture, we hope to bring more attention to "alternative transportation" in this time of rising fuel costs and peak oil concerns. It also gives bike owners a safer, more theft and vandal-resistant way to securely park their bikes. –Spring Gillard, Garden Heart Production
Frontier LED
Frontier LED
Standard Features Base/Clear Paint with Lifetime Warranty Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty Double Insulated Honeycomb Roof Fixed Front Window Front Sliding Window Framed Rear Door, Double T-Handle, Dark Tint LED Third Brake Light Interior Dome Light Available Options Double Clothes Hangers Front Drop Slider or Drop Picture Window Charcoal Interior Headliner Oversized Side Sliders, Dark Tint Side Access Doors, Standard or Oversized Side Storage/Tool Boxes Luggage or Commercial Style Roof Rack Rubber Bottom Seal

canopy racks
canopy racks
Double Rail Collapsible Garment Rack
This commercial grade, collapsible, rolling garment rack has 2 parallel hang rails for double the hang space. The rack can collapse to fit in a car trunk or under a bed, yet it holds up to 250 lbs. It has 48" double hang rails with 12" pull outs on each end. There are 3 height adjustments - 55", 60" and 65". It has 4" ball bearing casters and includes add on clips for hang rail storage. It is covered by our "no overload" guarantee which states that the rack won't bend, sag or break for a period of 5 years from date of purchase when used within stated weight limitations under normal use conditions.