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KBLM The Moon. Live webcast on


 Downtown image map updated. Now uses Google Maps interface. On the map you can click the blue marks to see a photo taken from that spot. click the image below to get started.


So where did the old website go? After I moved from my parents' house and took all my computer stuff with me it went offline. Simply put, living on your own is a lot of work. I don't have time to log into every week or so and update the new ip or spend hours working on computer programs anymore. Maybe someday the old site will go back online but in the mean time this will be my new website.


Are you looking for SQG (SQL Query Generator) or any other of my open source projects for that matter?  well if you came here from then you probably saw that the last time I updated the page there was about 3 years ago.  I haven't updated the program in a few years but if you really want a copy and can't find it anywehere else on the web you can contact me vie eamil 110983  at  gmail and/or lycos (both are .com).  if Google ever provides a nice convenient way to upload an entire site I'll put my opensource site back up.  untill then a really old mirror site is still up at


other pages I have currently online: geocities, myspace, Picasaweb Photos

update: I canceled my xanga account. only people on my myspace friends list can read my blog there.

A panoramic view of Kansas City.  I took this on the morning of October 8th, 2006 from the back of the Price Chopper parking lot on 63rd St. click for the full view(warning: size is 3811x1115.  this will take a looooooong time on dial up connections)

Other photos of KC that I took can be found on my picasaweb photos page(see link above).



my  Beck - Information CD cover, insert stickers


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