10 X 20 POP UP CANOPY - 10 X 20

10 X 20 Pop Up Canopy - Pram Sun Canopy - Power Awning.

10 X 20 Pop Up Canopy

10 x 20 pop up canopy
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10 x 20 pop up canopy - 10x20 Pop
10x20 Pop up 6 Walls Canopy Party Tent Gazebo Ez Black-white
10x20 Pop up 6 Walls Canopy Party Tent Gazebo Ez Black-white
High quality,heavy duty steel frame, metal connectors and metal base.
Metal connectors make the frame durable and strong.
4 removable window style sidewalls .
2 removable front & back zippered doors.
Heavy-duty polyester with PVC coated waterproof top.
One carry Bag.
Set up in seconds.
No loose parts.
Ideal for commercial or recreational use.
Brand new in box

Dimensions 10'L(3m) x 20'W(6M) x 11.8'H(peak), 7.2H' (side) , 6.56 Clearance
Frame Material Steel Frame, strong Connectors andl Base
Top Cover Material 260g Polyester with PVC coated Waterproof

Side Wall Material 210 D Oxford Top Canopy Color:
Black/white Sidewall Color: Black
Half Wall color : 2 black and 2 white walls
Weight: 103 Pounds
Main Pole Diameter: 1-1/8" x 1-1/8", 1"x 1-"
This tent requires 2 people to set-up. We cannot be there to set this up for you, and we have no control over your local weather, wind, or soil conditions. It is up to you to determine if your assembly and anchoring of this canopy is sufficient. If you feel it needs to be held down better, you may need to purchase additional anchoring materials (stakes, weights etc.) locally.
The roofs are are not designed to hold the loads of standing water or snow. You must keep the roof material properly tight.


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pop-up pirates
pop-up pirates
Pop-up books are a kind of stereoscopic book I guess, so here is "Pirate Adventure!" a pop-up book by Colin Hawkins. It's actaully just a playing area, since there are no other pages. There's a little story booklet, a rowboat (not assembled) and a treasure chest hidden on the island, though. (by the way, notice anything odd about the map?) This is a stereoscopic (3-D) image. To view, sit back a couple of feet from your screen and cross your eyes until the two images overlap. You will see three photos. Relax your eyes and allow the middle image to come into stereoscopic focus.
I made this pop-up card for my valentine. It's a take on the Court of the Lions at The Alhambra, designed by Masahiro Chatani and published in his excellent book, Paper Magic, Pop-up Paper Craft by Ondori (1988).

10 x 20 pop up canopy
10 x 20 pop up canopy
10 x 20 Pop-up BLUE Canopy w/ 6 Side Walls EZ to set up
500 denier heavy duty, professional polyester top is UV protected. Lightweight rust resistant anodized aluminum frame design built with strength and stability. Ropes and stakes included in each kit. Ideal for recreational use - parties, weddings, etc. Can be erected on hard surfaces such as decks, driveways, etc. Walls attach with Velcro fasteners. Sidewalls are easily removed for open air exhibits or outdoor events with overhead protection. Four sidewalls 2 with large pane windows for maximum light and viewing - 2 walls with zippered closures. Carry bag Included. Shipping Dimensions 49" x 16" x 10" Ship weight: 63 lbs Color is Blue. Brand New. Manufacturer: Confidence has been making quality sporting goods for over 35 years. We are not responsible for damage to the unit sustained while erected in winds more than 10 MPH. All sales on this item are final. We will not accept returns.