Wedding Photo Frames Download

wedding photo frames download
    photo frames
  • (photo frame) A frame specifically designed for standard sized photographs, often with an easel backing.
  • (Photo Frame) Freckles photo frames are freestanding and made from padded applique fabric. Each is designed to coordinate with a different bedding theme and fit a 10 x 15cm (4 x 6”) photo or picture.
  • (Photo frame) A picture frame is a container for a picture, such as a painting or photograph, intended to enhance it, make it easier to display, or protect it.
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  • a party of people at a wedding
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Gina Garbero - Garbero Photography
Gina Garbero - Garbero Photography
…and this is my camera! Yup that’s right! All of the wonderful images you see on my website were taken with this little power house! Who says good things don’t come from small packages? LOL! OK so here is the deal… yes I agree I need an SLR camera but for right now, this is what I am shooting with. Look at what I am getting! Not too shabby hu? I do agree that I need an SLR but for this summer, me and my little side kick here are gonna rock the photography world! Point being!!! Folks, I understand it is confusing when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer. There are so many factors. Equiptment, price, availabaility, style… don’t let the fact that I have a little camera keep you from booking me! If you like my work, you can rest assured that I will be able to work magic for you, just like I have for everybody else so far. Not to mention, I just keep getting better! New equiptment, new software, new ideas… Keep in mind. With my little camera I am able to blend in better with the crowd to get some really amazing candids that photographers with cameras the size of their heads would NEVER get!!! One last point I wanna make! The digital world is becomming very accessable to the general public. Sure cameras are expensive but any hobbiest can buy a SLR at Office Depot and call themselves a Pro! Just because you have a 1000.00 camera, it does not mean that you are a good photographer! (The photo of me was taken by a friend at a party this evening. He uses a fancy Nikon. Fantastic camera! I have been wanting this photo of me for a while but I have been too lazy to set it up with a mirror. He was nice enough to oblidge me and allow me to edit it as I needed. I asked for a specific pose. We just happened to have a black backdrop… a sheet hanging over my freinds parrot cage. I coached him on camera angle, framing and focus. He shot with my memory card in his camera. First time I have ever edited a “RAW” file. I also downloaded picasa to view and edit from! I totally recommend that program to other photographers! It is pretty sweet! It just keeps gettin better folks!!!)
two random photographers...
two random photographers...
very funny... Wade and I chanced upon a great photo opportunity today. We were driving past the Culutral Centre (Theatre, Dance Studio, Library, Art Gallery) today and Wade saw a vehicle decorated with ugly wedding flowers. And what did we do... we crashed the photography session. But only because we ended up knowing the girl who was taking the wedding photographs. Here we are outside of the banquet hall (timer photo) with a couple of the photos that we gave to the couple. We each took a turn as main photographer while the other acted as assistant. After downloading the photos we went to Walmart, printed off two photos, bought some frames, and gave it to the couple while they were sitting down to dinner. Funny thing, we don't even know their names and they didn't know ours. It was a truly random experience, we were strangers who walked off the street and took over a wedding portrait session (their photographer was an amateur too, and we knew her... and the bride, groom, and attendants didn't seem to mind at all). I hope that we get some business out of this.

wedding photo frames download
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