10 X 10 Gazebo Replacement Canopy

10 x 10 gazebo replacement canopy
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10 x 10 gazebo replacement canopy - Garden Winds
Garden Winds Universal 10' x 10' Two-Tiered Replacement Gazebo Canopy
Garden Winds Universal 10' x 10' Two-Tiered Replacement Gazebo Canopy
Garden Winds Product Advice: This is a universal gazebo canopy. This canopy has been designed to provide a general fit, not a custom fit, for most first generation square 10' x 10' gazebos. It is possible that this canopy may not fit your gazebo properly. Garden Winds encourages you to first try to identify and purchase one of the custom fit canopies on our website for your gazebo. If a custom canopy is not available, then you should consider a universal canopy for your gazebo. * THE MOST HIGHLY RATED UNIVERSAL CANOPY ON THE MARKET!!! Read our Bizrate, Google Shopping, and In-Store Customer Reviews. * Industry leading 350-Denier fabric (on average 25% thicker than original canopies). Do not settle for a lesser grade inferior universal canopy that may be $5 or even $10 cheaper. You asked for heavier fabric, we've answered! * The top tier measures 36" x 36". The outer perimeter of the main canopy is 120" x 120". * Mosquito net lining between top and bottom tier. * Polymer coating for protection against UV rays from sun and increased durability. * Velcro straps allow easy installation and attachment to gazebo. * This product is water resistant, not water proof. * Anti-rust brass grommet rings to ensure proper water drainage. * Designed for a square gazebo, not a hexagon gazebo. * Pitch of roof is 30" (enlarge picture to see details).

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I liked the rustic structure of this gazebo as well as the watchful owl at the Tofino Botanical Gardens.
Gazebo at Botanica, the Wichita Gardens in Wichita Kansas. Taken at Botanica's Quilted Garden event.

10 x 10 gazebo replacement canopy
10 x 10 gazebo replacement canopy
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