Embroidered Baby Bib

embroidered baby bib
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Embroidered bib and burp cloth set
Embroidered bib and burp cloth set
Machine embroidered vintage look duck embroidered bib and burp cloth. Duck embroidered bib made of heirloom quality batiste and backed with high quality cotton. Lined with fleece. Has a snap and can be reversible. Duck burp cloth is made from a Gerber diaper and finished and backed with a high quality cotton
Crochet Baby Bib (Needle Noodles)
Crochet Baby Bib (Needle Noodles)
Pattern: Needle Noodle's Crochet Baby Bib (needlenoodles.etsy.com), Standard Bib modified with stripes. I used the instructions for the eyes and mouth and embroidered the teeth on. Yarns: Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton in Sand, Nut, and Bone, with Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton in Espresso and Pumpkin.

embroidered baby bib
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