Calories In A Sugar Donut

calories in a sugar donut
  • The energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water through 1 °C (now usually defined as 4.1868 joules)
  • (caloric) thermal: relating to or associated with heat; "thermal movements of molecules"; "thermal capacity"; "thermic energy"; "the caloric effect of sunlight"
  • (caloric) of or relating to calories in food; "comparison of foods on a caloric basis"; "the caloric content of foods"
  • (calorie) a unit of heat equal to the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree at one atmosphere pressure; used by nutritionists to characterize the energy-producing potential in food
  • Either of two units of heat energy
  • The energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water through 1 °C, equal to one thousand small calories and often used to measure the energy value of foods
  • A lump or teaspoonful of this, used to sweeten tea or coffee
  • A sweet crystalline substance obtained from various plants, esp. sugar cane and sugar beet, consisting essentially of sucrose, and used as a sweetener in food and drink
  • Used as a term of endearment or an affectionate form of address
  • a white crystalline carbohydrate used as a sweetener and preservative
  • sweeten with sugar; "sugar your tea"
  • carbohydrate: an essential structural component of living cells and source of energy for animals; includes simple sugars with small molecules as well as macromolecular substances; are classified according to the number of monosaccharide groups they contain
  • doughnut: a small ring-shaped friedcake
  • A baseball doughnut is a weighted ring that fits over the end of a baseball bat, used for warming up during a baseball game. When the doughnut is taken off, the bat becomes lighter, allowing the batter to feel like it is easier to swing harder. This process is known as deceleration training.
  • A doughnut or donut is a type of fried dough food popular in many countries and prepared in various forms as a sweet (or occasionally savory) snack that can be homemade or purchased in bakeries, supermarkets, food stalls, and franchised specialty outlets.
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  • (IN-AS) Assam (Assamese: ??? Oxom ) is a northeastern state of India with its capital at Dispur located in the city of Guwahati.
  • previous part of Lesson 1, work was defined as a force acting upon an object to cause a displacement. When a force acts to cause an object to be displaced, three quantities must be known in order to calculate the work.
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Like this piece of art. There are a lot of things that are fun and colorful and lovely and nice to look at, but there are just too many things! Sometimes we need to dial back our art so it can be appreciated and not just brushed off as too much. Sometimes just a little says a lot! The same holds true for our diet. Lay off the sugars. Give up the excessive carbs. Lose a little weight if you can. NOT ALL folks who eat excessive fats and sugar and carbs and who are overweight will get adult onset, diabetes Type 2 - but why make it easier? You CAN give up the soda pop and replace it with flavored water (Sugarless with -0- calories). You CAN give up those morning donuts or muffins and replace them with proteins. We CAN do this but most of us won't. Once you are diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2, you WILL HAVE to eat better or be the victim of a killer. Also just changing diet can cause remission in some folks. To have a happier life, remember, LESS IS MORE! Happy weekend!
Explore highest position: 438 on Friday, June 27, 2008 For the FlickrGolfClub. There are a lot of things I love about a vacation in America but another thing worth a mention is Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. They are the best doughnuts in the world. Dunkin Donuts just don't even come close. It's somewhat of an American addiction.... as soon as we get there we have to grab a Bud Lite (they don't do them in the UK!) and track down the nearest Krispy Kreme Doughnut Outlet ;) They are so bad but soooooo good and were only ever reserved to our trips State side. Then they opened a store in London at Euston Station (they also have one in Manchester now). I'm sure my hubby makes up 'meetings' down in London on purpose to bring these back. Still, I wasn't complaining tonight. YUM! p.s. I'm not venturing near the scales tomorrow.

calories in a sugar donut
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