Ready aire heater core. Rent patio heater.

Ready Aire Heater Core

ready aire heater core
    heater core
  • The heater core is a miniature radiator that sits in the dashboard area. When the heater is turned on, it opens the heater valve which lets hot coolant into the heater core, which then warms the air coming into the vehicle's interior.
  • A heater core is a radiator-like device used in heating the cabin of a vehicle. Hot coolant from the vehicle's engine is passed through a winding tube of the core, a heat exchanger between coolant and cabin air.
  • A finned unit located in the passenger compartment and through which coolant from the engine flows to heat the unit. A fan blows air over the unit to heat the passenger compartment
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  • Keen or quick to give
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  • (of a thing) Made suitable and available for immediate use
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  • a river in northern England that flows southeast through West Yorkshire
  • The Autoimmune Regulator, abbreviated AIRE, is a human transcription factor expressed in the medulla of the thymus and is important in the prevention of autoimmune disease.
  • Aire is a small locality in the Canton of Geneva. It is on the North bank of the river Rhone. It is near the Lignon, a huge 1km long block of flats.

Electric Heater Core for the EV
Electric Heater Core for the EV
Removed the ceramic heater core from a small inexpensive space heater. It has 4 separate ceramic elements. Each of which measure 95ohms. I like the ceramic elements, as they don't glow red hot like wire elements, it looks/works very similar to the original style ICE heater core with fins for heat to air transfer. The core will be wired in such a way that I can select 1 thru 4 of the elements as needed, being powered by the EV's main battery bank. This unit will replace the original ICE's heater core. The contactor that applies power to the ceramic heater can only be turned on, if the blower from the original car's heat/cooling system is turned on. This should eliminate the ceramic core from ever being on, without air flow. In this photo, I was testing it with just two of the elements fired up.
Red Dot-Leaking heater core
Red Dot-Leaking heater core
Heater cores are like small radiators. The fin and tube construction is designed to route coolant flow for the best possible heat energy transfer from coolant to cab air. The white mark highlights the location of a pinhole leak in the core's tubing.

ready aire heater core
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