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How To Fix Hot Water Heater

how to fix hot water heater
    water heater
  • An appliance for supplying hot water for purposes other than space heating or pool heating.
  • a heater and storage tank to supply heated water
  • Water heating is a thermodynamic process using an energy source to heat water above its initial temperature. Typical domestic uses of hot water are for cooking, cleaning, bathing, and space heating. In industry, both hot water and water heated to steam have many uses.
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Five years ago: The patter of tiny feet
Five years ago: The patter of tiny feet
Wednesday August 31 I went out with Jason on his gas route today; as expected it was much cooler this morning, in the 70’s; so cool in fact, we put the heater on in the truck. We went past huge houses, mansions really, each one with huge lawns, apparently each one trying to be bigger than their neighbour. We had some kind of fried Mexican food for lunch; what was impressive was the huge list of ingredients which they contained: apparently keeping the American petro-chemical industry going. Meanwhile, in New Orleans, the full scale of what has happened is emerging. Hundreds of thousands of people did not leave the city, and now they have to be rescued and then fed and watered. What is clear to me is that in the days before we left for Vegas, the weather channel was already warning that Katrina had the potential to be a huge storm; that was more than 5 days before it hit the Gulf coast. Some parts of the Florida Panhandle are clearing up for the third time in recent years; what clearer notice do these people need to tell them that they live in a dangerous place. The news channels are blaming the poor for not getting out of the city; and they are now looting stores and empty homes. Thursday September 1 Main item on the news channels is that looters have now armed themselves with guns stolen from stores; and are now taking pot shots at rescue workers and helicopters. Mike Brown, the head of FEMA was on TV this morning saying he was only told of the people at the Superdome yesterday morning; and yet it had been on the TV news. During the aftermath of the Tsunami last year, aid was on the ground within 24 hours, and yet here in America, three days after the storm hit, there is still no food or water. People are still stuck on the roofs of their houses, waiting for rescue by helicopter or boat. There is no food or water at the Superdome or the Convention centre, where the refugees were told to go. And the reason why so many people stayed behind is becoming clear; they are so poor they have no transport of their own; and no busses were laid on to get them out. I went out with Jason on his route again; he has almost caught up with the backlog the Vegas trip caused. Rumours of possible fuel shortages have been heard. I don’t think that they really understand what that could mean. When we return home, Jason discovers that we have been blessed with the patter of tiny feet; one of the feral cats has had kittens; the kittens are so small that their eyes have yet to open. Friday September 2 Local news this morning says that gas prices are going up again today, and a friend of Jason’s’ says that gas in Memphis have hit $3.60 a gallon. But that was yesterday, and gas stations are all out today. The President said in an interview this morning that he is ‘disappointed’ with the response to the disaster. Fox news blames the city and state officials for what happened. The New Orleans mayor says that officials are more concerned with stopping looters than helping the sick and dying. We fill the gas truck, and it costs now more that a $100; the owner says they expect to be out by Monday morning, and after that there are no fresh supplies due in. Friday night is high school football night all across the US; and Ozark is no different. Driving through the town this morning, we saw that the students had been busy decorating shop fronts and cars with the high school’s colours; purple and yellow. We decide that due to the fuel shortage we will not go to the Razorback’s game tomorrow; that and the only tickets left are in the gods, and Jason has vertigo. We call in the market and get loads of meat of cook outs over the weekend; if nothing else, we won’t starve. Friday Night Lights Seeing what the high school game is all about now, it is somewhat easier to understand all those Hollywood films about sport. The whole town turns out, friends and family meet up before the game for a sociable drink or something to eat; before heading off to the high school field. We parked at Cheryl’s Mom’s shop, where the family had a huge cook out; they were friendly enough as usual. Just before Showtime, we wandered to the field, and as we arrived at the gate, the National Anthem was sung. I alone stood with my hands in my pockets while everyone else stood with one arm across their chest. We took our seats in the bleachers, and awaited the game to begin. As seems to be traditional, each team ran onto the fields, and through a large paper screen. The opposition were in the bleachers on the far side, with their band, and we on our side, with our band. Before the game, there were tunes to be marched to, and batons to be twirled by both sides. And then it was time. It was 3-0 to Charleston just before half time, when a missed tackle allowed Charleston to run in for the first td. Up to that point it had been hard to choose between the teams. But that seemed to break Ozark’s spirit, and in the second half they faded badly. Half time had more
Teusday (This is how she always remembered me spelling it. Before I fixed myself. No one ever noticed.) I was late to work. Actually, I was in the parking lot the whole time. Alice came back into the office as I was getting settled and asking for jumper cables. Her car battery had died. It was foggy that morning and she had left her lights on. “Does anyone have jumper cables?” Stephen and Jimmy shook their heads. I raised my hand over the edge of my cubicle. The Final Frontier we liked to say. “I’ve got some.” I parked my car next to hers so that our batteries were within reach of each other; it was a maroon Jeep Rubicon. Somehow, in an odd way, she fit the car very well. R.Kelly started playing in my head: “Girl you remind me of my jeep...” “You drive a Jeep huh?” I smirked. “Yeah I do. What’s wrong with that?” “Nothing.” I popped the hood on both of our cars and took the jumper cables out of my trunk; it was a gift from my brother who worked at Chevrolet they closed. He got everyone in my family a set of jumpers for Christmas. My poor dad though, snow chains. After checking the battery for any cracks or leaks, I clamped the orange cable to the positive terminal and the black cable to the negative terminal. Alice stood by and watched. I turned my car on and let it turn for a beat. Since it was cold, I turned that heater on too and motioned for Alice to join me. “Actually, this is my first time doing this,” I said. “Me too. I hope we don’t explode.” “We should hold each other if we do...I’m kidding.” “No viola class today?” “No. I’m going home to sleep tonight. It was a long day. The heater was driving me nuts. I hate how it’s so warm when we get in, then when we leave, it’s freezing cold. I’m going to get a fever. Nice scarf by the way.” “Thanks.” After a few minutes, I turned my car off and removed the jumper cables. “Alright, it should be good.” She got in her car and keyed the ignition. The engine lurched and whined but it refused to start. She shrugged her shoulders and tried it again. Her headlights lit me up immediately. I gave a thumbs up sign. I walked over to her window and she opened it for me. “Thanks so much. I owe you one.” “No worries. Make sure you leave the car running for a bit if you do plan on stopping anytime soon.” “Will do. I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Before she put her seat-belt on, she leaned over and gave me a hug. It surprised me but I leaned towards the open window naturally. I watched her jeep pull out and before turning onto the street, she stuck her arm out and waved. I could see her red bracelets. The fog rolled back in by the time work was over. Instead of going home to my apartment, I drove out to the causeway, between Woodland and Sacramento, by the airport, where the wetlands were. I got off the freeway and followed the river where the mist combined with the fog and shrouded everything beyond a few yards of my headlights. I parked my car in front of a small bridge over a section of the Sacramento River. We drove down here once. During the summer so long ago. I remember we were coming back from the mall and it was a hot day, into the high ‘90s at least. I wanted to drive her along the country road instead of just the highway. I was driving my brother’s car then, a red 300ZX, the Fair Lady Z, and I drove it fast down the bumpy country gravel roads and dared to pull my E-brake into a corner. Though the ground was obscured, I could see the moon glowing through at the top part of my windshield. It peeked in between the clouds which were moving low and fast. I watched transfixed at their speed. It was talking to me. The moon. It told me in a raspy voice that I should roll my windows up, drive my car off the bridge, into the water, and not try to get out but I wasn’t listening. I turned the radio on and went home.

how to fix hot water heater
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