Honeywell Oil Filled Heater : Aqua Quick Solar Pool Heater.

Honeywell Oil Filled Heater

honeywell oil filled heater
    oil filled
  • describes an enclosure (e.g., a submersible motor) that has been filled with oil to prevent leakage.
  • USA conglomerate. Manufactured thermostats, anti-personnel cluster bombs, control systems, aircraft avionics, and, for a while, computers. Bought GE's computer division in 1970, including CISL and the Multics project. Sold the computer business to Bull in 1987. Story: Honeywell Management
  • Honeywell (legally Honeywell International Inc.) is a major conglomerate company that produces a variety of consumer products, engineering services, and aerospace systems for a wide variety of customers, from private consumers to major corporations and governments.
  • device that heats water or supplies warmth to a room
  • A fastball
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Stirflow Oil Filled Radiator 2.5kW With 24hr Timer
Stirflow Oil Filled Radiator 2.5kW With 24hr Timer
This quality oil filled radiator has been tested and certified to meet all applicable UK electrical and safety standards: CE & RoHS. Incorporates adjustable thermostat, 24hr timer, overheat safety cut out & 3 power settings. The cable length is 1.5m with fitted plug. The Stirflow 2,500watt oil filled portable radiator has three power settings with 24hr time control and inbuilt override safety cut out switch! Mounted on castors for complete mobility Adjustable thermostat control 3 power settings 24hour timer Power on indicator Cord storage Colour: Pale grey Eleven radiator fins Cable length 1.5m (59”) with fitted plug Safety cable spec: VDE / H07RN-F / 3G 1.5mm2 Overheat safety cut out Safety Standard: CE & RoHS Power: 2500watts / 230-240V / 50-60Hz / 13amp H655mm x W275mm x L495mm (26” x 11” x 19.5”) Model N0. Finish Height mm Width mm Length mm BTU/hr Watts Area Coverage m2 Warranty SOFR25T Pale Grey 655 275 495 8,474 2500 25 1 Year Please note: This oil filled radiator is very powerful and must be used in accordance with the safety instructions provided. Any soft furnishings must be at least 75cm (30") away from the heater when in use!
Honeywell Digital Whole Room Heater
Honeywell Digital Whole Room Heater
This puppy got us through the winter with no problems. Only used this passed winter. In very excellent condition. Honeywell 7-Fin Oil Filled Radiator Heater with digital display clearly communicates heater settings. Offers easy-to-set controls. Temperature Set Function maintains desired temperature. Timer Function for 1-12 hour run time. Three heat settings for energy-efficient heating options. Ergonomically designed carrying handle. Safety features include solid heavy-gauge steel, durable rust-free enamel finish, machine-welded for leak-free operation, three-prong grounded plug, HPN type power cord and power indicator light. $25.00

honeywell oil filled heater
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