The Division in Context


The Division

The 10th Mountain Division was a highly specialized Army Division that fought in Italy during World War II.  The Division was the last unit of its size to enter into combat operations during the war.  This was due to the specialized training in mountain and winter warfare that units within the Division had been going through since 1941.  The Army did not find it prudent to deploy the Division to one theater only to have a more urgent use for it arise in another theater of the war.  Finally, in 1945 the Division entered into combat in the Apennine Mountains of Italy.  This area was perfectly suited for the 10th Mountain Division to use its specialized skills.  The Division would suffer one of the highest rates of casualites in the war, all while conducting one of the fastest advances through enemy territory of any other division in the war.  After the war in Europe ended the Division was sent back to the United States and deactivated.


The Museum


The 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Museum has been going through a transitional period that has seen the need for many of its exhibits to be updated.  The growing use of technology and the ease with which different forms of media can present information gives the museum an additional area in which to present the public with exhibit material.  The museum has been relying on old, hard to read story boards that were text heavy and not visually stimulating.  Additionally, in an effort to make the public more aware of its presence the museum sees a virtual presence as very important.



The Website

Unfortunately, it is impossible to present all of the information that is available concerning the 10th Mountain Division in World War II in a physical exhibit.  The information that follows, supplements the exhibits within the 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Museum.  To gain a complete understanding of the Division one must take in the exhibits in the museum and the information presented here.  Specifically, the information here represents a more detailed version of the map exhibit that portrays the 10th Mountain Division's journey through World War II (COMING SOON).  As time progresses and more research is done the information here will be updated, check back regularly.