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Here is a completely original statement: "Safety is our #1 Priority!"

Most of these things are obvious, some of them are not so obvious, but all of them are based in common sense - something we all lack from time to time, this is why we have written rules.

Weapons Safety:
  • Keep weapons clean and in good condition
  • When in doubt (you have not checked it personally), the weapon is loaded
  • Keep weapons pointed in a safe direction (up)
  • Never point weapons at an individual
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are about to fire
  • Keep the weapon unloaded while not participating in a staged battle or designated firing area
  • Keep live ammunition at home, do not bring it!
  • Keep blank ammunition out of the reach of the public
  • When allowing the public to handle firearms (especially kids), set the ground rules (weapon pointed up, finger off trigger, don't work action)
  • Do not fire a blank directly at someone under 25'
  • Fire 'up and away' at someone under 20 yards
  • Do not fire with the muzzle of your weapon directly next to someone's head or above their head. When firing close to another, call out "firing" to give them a heads up so they can plug their ears.
  • Use only known blanks in semi-automatic weapons

Close-Combat Safety
  • Do not actually hit the other person, unless they know it's coming
  • Do not pull knives/bayonets, keep them in the scabbards
  • Be careful you do not actually injure the other
  • Try to talk with someone you will do hand-to-hand with before the battle starts, stage it
  • Before they jump you, or you them, put your safety on your weapon to the 'ON' position

Pyro Safety
  • Do not use pyro unless it's been approved by the event staff
  • Use pyro in safe manners
  • Do not inhale the smoke from smoke bombs (Ken will tell you how bad it is)
  • Do not throw pyro into or at vehicles!
  • DO NOT throw pyro at the PaK guns or other artillery pieces (many use black powder)

Fire Safety
  • Do not light yourself on fire
  • Keep fire pits away from tents, canvas, and displays
  • Keep straw, leaves, pine needles, gas cans, propane tanks, etc. away from fire pits
  • Cut the sod out and replace when finished
  • Do not let it go out!

Reenactor Safety
  • If you do not feel safe doing it, don't do it, get out ASAP
  • If you see a reenactor doing something unsafe, let them know, their CO, and/or the event staff
  • Obviously, don't drink (or go on a 'trip') and operate machinery or use firearms
  • Keep reenactors out of areas with pyro or in paths of tanks on the battlefield (pick them up and drag them out or kick their ass)
  • Be sure you wash out any canteen, canteen cup, or mess kit before you actually use it
  • Do not eat a war dated ration
  • Ear plugs are suggested from some scenarios, especially the leapfrog battles. Those expensive ones that allow one to hear talking, but block loud noises (gunshots) are great. 

Public Safety
  • Police the public when necessary!
  • Keep them out of the battlefields until approved to do so
  • Keep them behind the 'crowd line' at all times
  • Stop kids from running onto the battlefield
  • Keep them out of the way of vehicles (you may have to act as traffic cop sometimes)
  • Do not give them anything unsafe (a knife, loaded weapon, etc..)
  • Treat all of the public like you would a three year old, kid gloves and don't trust them with anything
  • Check the brass if kids come up to you to ensure they do not have a live round or misfire
  • Check your own spent brass if handing it out to kids as well

Vehicle Safety
  • Stay in a vehicle until it has come to a complete stop
  • Do not shoot into a vehicle
  • Shooting out of may be OK, may also not be, check
  • Do not shoot around tanks where the driver/gunner sits, it is loud and reverberates badly. Go to one side and away from the vehicle
  • Stay out of their way
  • Get others out of their way
  • A tank's visibility is like a paper bag with two dime sized holes cut in, minimal

Train Safety
  • Yield to the trains! ALWAYS!
  • Do not get on/off until it has come to a complete stop and has signaled so.
  • Do not fire into, within, or from a train
  • Do not put anything on the rails
  • Do not throw objects (or pyro) at a train

Emergencies and similar "Acts of God"
  • Take cover, do not panic, follow the orders of leadership. 
  • Take Motrin, change your socks, drink water
  • If such an emergency arises, the squad leader will pick out 2 or 3 individuals to panic. The rest of the unit will follow him.
  • In the case of a zombie apocalypse: destroy the brain, keep calm, you're with a bunch of people armed with service rifles, thus your #1 priority is ammunition since most events outlaw live ammo.
  • Remember, it could be worse... we could be in Jackson.