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Field Manuals - best ones to read/acquire in bold

Army field manuals (FMs) are usually given a two number designation. The first set of numbers pertain to a specific area, such as Individual Soldier Field Manuals (21) or Ordnance Field Manuals (9). The second number designates the specific manual. Technical manuals (TMs) are organized in a similar fashion. For a more complete listing please visit this site.

FM 21-10 - Military Sanitation
"Military sanitation is the Army way of keeping soldiers healthy, and preventing the spread of disease. Its primary aim is to keep as many men as possible in fighting trim, physically and mentally."

FM 21-11 - First Aid for Soldiers
"The purpose of this manual is to teach the soldier what he can do for himself or a fellow soldier if injury or sickness occurs when no medical officer or Medical Department soldier is nearby." A good manual to read in case you or another are wounded, for real or fake!

FM 21-20 - Physical Training
"To perform his duties satisfactorily, the soldier must possess great organic vigor, muscular and nervous strength, endurance, and agility." Read this manual while doing push-ups.

FM 21-75 - Scouting, Patrolling, and Sniping
"Commanders must have accurate, detailed, and timely information about the enemy, the terrain, and the neighboring troops for successful combat. Well-trained scouts and capably led patrols are among the agencies which furnish them such information."

FM21-100 - Soldier's Handbook (A MUST READ!)
The end all be all manual. It's a soldier's introduction to military life, discipline, courtesy, insignia, uniforms, arms, equipment, squad and platoon drill, movement, maps and compasses, bivouacs, security, sanitation, and first aid. If there is one manual to start reading at, it is this one. 

FM 22-5 - Infantry Drill Regulations
Covers squad drill, platoon, and company.

FM 23-5 - US Rifle Caliber .30 M1 (aka the M1 Garand)
"This manual is a guide for commanders and instructors in presenting instruction and training in the mechanical operation of the M1 rifle."

FM 31-15 - Operations in Snow and Extreme Cold
" published for the information and guidance of all concerned. This manual deals primarily with the special conditions confronting troops in snow and extreme cold and the special measures required to meet those conditions satisfactorily."

FM 70-10 - Mountain Operations
This manual is going to cover specific things pertaining to working in the mountains and snow. It covers a great deal on the different obstacles presented by mountainous terrain not experienced on flat terrain. 

FM 70-15 - Operations in Snow and Extreme Cold
Another manual very similar to FM 31-15. They are different, so browse both.

Technical Manuals - best ones to read/acquire in bold

Books & Magazines - best ones to read/acquire in bold

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Film & Video best ones to view/acquire in bold